new coming this weekHi all! I hope you had a great week!

I spent my week catching up from two trips out of town and trying to get settled back in to normal life. I got caught up on work, took care of a lot of blog admin, and tried to get organized as it is suddenly almost November. I realized last night I haven’t even bought any Halloween candy because apparently I’m in denial it is the end of October!

Just a quick heads up to folks that the 2024 blog advertising calendar opens today at 12:00 noon ET. We offer ads at four different tiers, as well as a volume discount for multiple ads. My top tiers often sell out quickly, so if you are interested, I’d recommend booking early. You can find out more information on my Advertise page and look for the official opening post to run here at noon.

And here is what we have planned on the blog this week…

  • Review: In the Pink by Virginia Kelly (Jay)
  • Review: Find Me Worthy by Annabeth Albert (Kris)
  • Review: Switched at Birth by Leigh Lennon
  • Guest Post: A Fall of Light by L.J. Greene

  • Audiobook Review: The One Decent Thing by Eliot Grayson (Camille)
  • Guest Post: Confetti Hearts audiobook by Lily Morton
  • Review: Stealing the Silver Fox by Daniel May (Veronica)
  • Review: The Blood Demon’s Pet by K.D. Ellis (Elizabeth)

  • Review: Wolves Always Bite by Lori Ames (Jay)
  • Review: Hold On by Barbara Elsborg (Camille)
  • Guest Post: Next Season by Lane Hayes
  • Guest Post: The Lost Fiance Twist by Ana Ashley

  • October Favorite Books
  • October Favorite Covers
  • Review: Grind by K.A. Merikan (Camille)
  • Review: Sealed with a Hiss by Eule Grey (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Once Upon a Christmas House by A.D. Ellis

  • Review: Lube Job by K.M. Neuhold (Jay)
  • Review: ISO by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox (Michelle)
  • Review: Light From the Grave by Sara Dobie Bauer (Jovan)
  • Guest Post: Son of the Arch Demon by Amanda Meuwissen

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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