Today I am so pleased to welcome Lily Morton to Joyfully Jay. Lily has come to talk to us about her latest audio release, Confetti Hearts. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“Let’s go for a walk on the beach,” I say, sliding off my stool.

He looks startled. “What? Now?”

“No, when we’re back in London and really near a beach.”

“For such a sweet young man you’re rather sarcastic.”

“I’m twenty-six. You make me sound like I’m in the sixth form.” I pause, taking off my shoes. “You think I’m sweet?” I cover my shock by balling up my socks and thrusting them into my pocket.

He shrugs, his expression discomposed. “Yes,” he finally says, his voice low. “I think you’re a very sweet man.”

I wrinkle my nose. “Please don’t tell anyone. That would be the kiss of death for my Grindr profile.”

He comes closer. “And what is on that profile?” he says, his low, hoarse voice making me shiver.

I take off my jacket and leave it on a wicker chair. I step off the patio and onto the sand. It’s cool beneath my hot feet and I give a sigh of pleasure. “That’s lovely.” I arch one eyebrow at him. “Are you taking your shoes off in this millennium?”

He rolls his eyes. “If I must.”

“I’m not taking you rollerblading. Just a little safe walk on the beach, Grandpa.”

“You go rollerblading?” He joins me on the beach, and I don’t miss his sigh of happiness. I smile and he shakes his head. “Shut up.”

We set off down the beach. The breeze is warm, so I roll up my shirtsleeves and undo a few buttons at my collar. Once away from the lights of the hotel, it’s a place of magic. The sky stretches over us with a carpet of stars and a full yellow moon lighting our way. The faint sounds of the band playing “Moon River” blend with the sound of the surf.

“Rollerblading?” my companion says, nudging me.

“Oh no, not anymore. Not since I broke my arm.”

“Were you a kid?”

“No, it was six months ago.”


confetti hearts audio coverConfetti Hitched, Book 1

Joe Bagshaw doesn’t believe in love or marriage anymore, which is rather a hindrance for a wedding planner.

His own marriage was a whirlwind affair that ended before the ink could dry on the wedding certificate. Nevertheless, even with his divorce pending, he’s getting by. Or at least he was until he finds himself snowed in at a remote Scottish hotel with the wedding party from hell, a terrible ABBA tribute band, and his soon-to-be ex-husband.

Lachlan has missed Joe from the second his husband walked away. He wants Joe back and is prepared to do anything to get him. Being snowed in together seems to offer the chance Lachlan needs, but does he have what it takes to get Joe to trust in love and their marriage again?

From bestselling author Lily Morton, comes a romantic comedy about love, matrimony, and the best of second chances.

This is the first book in the Confetti Hitched series.


lily Morton avatarLily is a bestselling gay romance author. She writes love stories filled with heat and humour.

She lives in sunny England with her husband and two children, all of whom claim that they haven’t had a proper conversation with her since she got her Kindle.

Lily has spent her life with her head full of daydreams, and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing, because how else would she get to spend her time with hot and funny men?

She loves chocolate and Baileys and the best of all creations – Chocolate Baileys.

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To celebrate the release of Confetti Hearts, we are giving you a chance to win your choice of any book from Lily’s backlist! Three winners will be chosen!

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