Today I am so pleased to welcome Raven Stone to Joyfully Jay. Raven has come to talk to us about her latest release, Temptation. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt


The clear, ringing command cut across my senses and I froze.

It took me a few moments to realize the order hadn’t come from Degarr. I spared a glance for Degarr anyways, finding him standing next to Jamie with his arms crossed. He looked as confused as me.

I turned my head, searching for the source of the voice, and found it. Gideon stood there, dressed in a simple t-shirt and sweat pants with his feet bare. 

“You’re holding back,” he said, those blue eyes fiery.

“Of course I am,” I replied, even though I didn’t know how in the hell he knew that. “It’s literally my second night here. I don’t want to brutalize anyone.”

“Fight me then.” Gideon peeled his shirt over his head and threw it to the floor. “You can’t brutalize me.”

Already firmly in the middle of fighting-lust, I drank in the sight of his bare chest, snowy skin, and rippled abs.

The hell I can’t, beautiful.

Shock flashed across his face, disappearing around the same moment I realized I’d said those words aloud. Fortunately, I’d mumbled them to myself, in a low enough voice that only Gideon had heard me.

I reminded myself that he didn’t know what he was saying, even as lust rolled through me, hot and dark. I’d already been aroused, thanks to the fight, and this werewolf with his half-naked body and offer of more fighting wasn’t helping at all. 

Weres are for play, one stubborn part of my mind said. Fortunately, this time I managed to keep my mouth shut, even as I argued with myself.

He doesn’t know what he’s offering. He doesn’t know what he’s risking.

Control, Kai. Don’t fuck this up.

A whistle rang out, sharp and loud.

Thank Christ.

This time it was Degarr.

“No,” Degarr said. “Gideon, you don’t decide who fights. I do. Go sit down. You’re not fighting tonight.” His tone was sharp and commanding, making it clear he wasn’t pleased about the breach in protocol.

The werewolf nodded stiffly and sat on the bleachers.


temptation coverBlood of the Fallen, Book 2

A vampire court is one of the most dangerous places I know, but I’ll walk into one for Degarr.

Except when I get there, Court isn’t Court. And King Gabriel is unlike any other king I’ve ever met.

And then there’s the white wolf.

Grumpy doesn’t begin to cover it. Apparently, I live to piss this man off. Unfortunately, Gideon doesn’t have the same effect on me. Quite the opposite.

He sets me on fire. Leaves me wanting things the innocent people of this place might not understand.

But Gideon’s been screwed over and left hurting by someone else.

This wolf is temptation itself.

But the things I want with him? I can never have.


raven stone logoRaven Stone is a paranormal romance author. She writes about vampires, hunters, and werewolves. She enjoys romances, movies, and dark chocolate.




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