Today I am so pleased to welcome CJ Ravenna to Joyfully Jay. CJ has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Moon Over the Oak. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Ryan sniffed, his nose stuffy. “I’m so lame. Men aren’t supposed to cry.”

Zach said, “I guess I’m not a man yet then.”

“Do you think we’re a bunch of freaks?” Ryan was suddenly so frightened he couldn’t breathe. He didn’t have many friends. He was the chatty know-it-all kid who always had an answer to the teacher’s question. The other kids whispered about him behind his back and laughed when they raised their hands with him, twitching in their seats. So he didn’t want to lose Zach—the thought made him want to cry again.

Zach laughed, the sound deep and throaty, and Ryan’s face warmed. “You’re the biggest freak I know.”

Laughing, Ryan wriggled out of Zach’s arms. “Shut up.”

Zach smiled. His eyes and nose were red, but he looked… some kind of way Ryan hadn’t seen before, but it made his heart race fast and left him at a loss for words. “I’m joking, man. You’re… you’re my best friend.”

And at his words, warmth bloomed in Ryan’s heart. A thread that whispered pack, friend, Zach, thrummed within his chest. Zach touched his own chest as if he could feel the thread connecting them. Maybe he could. Ryan wanted to know for sure.

He smiled and through the golden bond connecting them, he whispered, “Hey, Zach. Hi. You’re my best friend too.”

Zach gasped softly, tears bright in his eyes. “I… I know, Ry.”

 Ryan scoffed and said aloud, “Wow. Modest.”

“Shut up.” Laughing, Zach sat in the sand. Through their new pack bond, he said, “I’ve never had a pack before. Not with anyone outside my family. I’m glad it’s with you.”

His voice filled Ryan’s mind with warmth and light. “If anyone else wants to be in our pack, they have to like Ruffy the Werewolf Slayer. We need a passcode!”

“For what?” Zach asked, grinning in his confusion.

“For our BFF club, dummy! The Zach and Ryan Club.”

“Okay…” Zach twirled a curl around his finger. “How about numbers?”

Ryan snorted. “Lame. You’ll get hacked if you just use numbers. It should be a phrase. Something we both know.”

Zach poked his tongue out while he thought, which made Ryan laugh. “I got it! The moon over the oak. That’s the password.”

“Oh, an oak! Like our tree. Cool idea!”


moon over the oak coverThe Lycanthrope Protection Agency, Book 4

Childhood friends. Decades of hidden feelings. A bond never meant to break— until it shatters.

Ryan Kelly has known Zach DeShawn was his mate since they were kids. Just when Ryan is ready to finally tell Zach how he feels, he inherits his grandmother’s magic. If Ryan can’t learn to control his magic, how can he protect his friends from the danger his grandmother predicted with her dying breath?

All his life, Zach DeShawn could never scent his fated mate. Without a special scent to tell him who he is destined to be with, all Zach’s relationships have ended in heartbreak. Sparks ignite between him and Ryan, but Zach is terrified to take a chance and have his heart broken yet again.

When an ancient enemy’s curse shatters the pack bonds every werewolf needs to stay human and sane, the lifelong friends are faced with the nightmare of forgetting the ones they love. Ryan and Zach must finally put their hearts on the line, before all is consumed in feral madness.

The Moon Over The Oak is the fourth book in The Lycanthrope Protection Agency. It features childhood friends to lovers, fated mates, friends-with-benefits fun, and a Happily-Ever-After. This installment is an interconnected standalone, but is best enjoyed after reading To Hunt A Moonborn Beast and its sequels.


cj ravenna logoCJ Ravenna loves to tell stories where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. Her books often feature an explosion or two, possessive and protective werewolves who adore their mates, steamy and swoony romance, and of course a happy ending.


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