Today I am so pleased to welcome Vanora Lawless to Joyfully Jay. Vanora has come to talk to us about a new release, Twisted Tome. Vanora has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

When Sully came back to the kitchen, Elliot’s eyes lifted from the glimmering candlelight to meet his. Sully’s breath caught in his throat. He’d never get over how gorgeous Elliot was. He looked good all the time, but in the warm orange glow he was stunning, his cheeks shadowed and his eyes dark and alive with the flickering flames. Blood on his face and neck didn’t do a damn thing to take away his shine. He was something special.

And God, when he smiled…when he smiled at Sully all soft and tender like that it did something to him. Made him melt in ways he never had for anyone else on earth. Probably never would again once this was over.

Sitting down, he settled the bowl on the table, then dipped one of the cloths he’d grabbed to wet it. Elliot’s intense gaze remained on his face as Sully carefully pressed the damp material gently to Elliot’s forehead where one thin slash streaked above his left eyebrow to his hairline. Sully’s heart picked up. He washed away the blood and dug through the first aid kit for some antiseptic. Elliot winced as it was applied, the small prick of pain making Sully’s stomach clench in sympathy. Leaning forward, Sully kissed below Elliot’s ear in apology, tapping into his magic to conceal them, just in case.

The silence in the room was sacred and solemn. Sully tried to infuse overwhelming love for Elliot into the gentleness of his fingers and lips, and pleasure heated his chest as Elliot’s shifting emotions showed Sully he understood.

When it was Sully’s turn to sit through Elliot’s examination, his body thrummed at every soft touch, every whisper of Elliot’s hands guiding his head to a better angle in the candlelight. Why was it so amazing to be Elliot’s sole focus? It was nearly the same as Sully felt when Elliot took him apart with mouth and hand and cock, like Sully was giving everything in his heart and soul up to Elliot and trusting him to know exactly how to reward his faith. Sully didn’t trust many people, and he hadn’t trusted Elliot for a while there. But there was something about his steady presence and the way he didn’t try to hide anything he felt from Sully anymore, the way he let Sully feel how much he loved him, how deeply. Anyone would go weak for that. Go soft, like Sully did around him.


twisted tome coverDevastating Magic, Book 2

A stubborn empath. A passionate dreamwalker. A love worth fighting for.

For empathic illusionist Warren ‘Sully’ Sullivan dreamwalking Captain Elliot Stone is more than the only thing keeping him sane and safe. He’s the keeper of Sully’s heart, even if he can’t seem to admit it out loud.

When an ancient grimoire infused with catastrophic magic comes into play, they’ve got to do everything in their power to keep it from landing in enemy hands. Unfortunately, that means working closely with a man who once shattered Elliot’s heart. Someone he would have done anything for.

As insecurity and fear threaten the fledgling relationship between Elliot and Sully, will the darkness closing in around them bring them closer or tear them apart forever?


vanora lawless bio photoVanora Lawless is a bisexual genderfluid Canadian with ADHD and a passion for telling love stories set in magical or niche historical worlds. A graduate of Saint Mary’s University, Vanora has a B.A, majoring in psychology. As a Nova Scotian, loving long walks on the beach is practically a law, so Vanora takes every possible opportunity to explore the best sandy shores. In spare time between crafting new worlds and stories, Vanora can be found behind the lens of a camera or in a blanket burrito with a good book.


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To celebrate the release of Twisted Tome, Vanora is giving away an e-set of the Devastating Magic Series so far (2 ebooks)! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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