Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


Dave likes the routine of his job driving and then loading and unloading equipment for bands. He has bills to pay and kids to support and his life is working for him. The long hours certainly helped derail his marriage, but he and his ex-wife are back on speaking terms and they are co-parenting well. Dave always considered himself straight, until he realizes he’s crushing on Richie.

Richie is shocked when Dave shows up with an empty van and no equipment. It’s the type of mistake that ends careers, but it’s not Dave’s fault. There is no time for Richie to try and flirt with Dave, as the men have to figure out how to rig the show. When they pull that off, they figure they can catch up on the ride back, but instead they end up stranded for the night. With the men sharing a hotel room, Dave acknowledges his attraction to Richie. Richie doesn’t just want to be Dave’s test drive, but Dave has some things to figure out, if he can only find the words he wants to say to Richie.

Driving in Circles is the third book in the Reluctant Rockstar series and follows musicians and their crew. This book can be read as a standalone, with small glimpses and overlaps of the previous MCs and their stories.

Dave and Richie are not famous and they are working guys making a living. Dave is a little over 10 years older than Richie, and he’s trying to process his feelings for being attracted to a man for the first time. Dave also has to deal with trying to keep his job in the midst of a colossal mistake when he shows up with an empty van and no equipment. Richie has been attracted to Dave for a while and his flirtation has gone unnoticed and Richie isn’t sure what to make of it when Dave shows interest in him.

I like this series for a variety of reasons; I like seeing the characters that make up the backstage and behind the scenes and I like that the books are shorter and can be read as a full story in less time. This story didn’t have a lot of emotion for me and it felt rather flat all of the way around. I didn’t feel Richie’s character was well developed and I wanted a little more in almost every interaction between them. While I enjoyed seeing Dave and Richie get their HEA, I didn’t necessarily feel a spark for each man separately or together, but I would still be interested in who gets there HEA next in this world.