Rating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel


Rachel needs a date for her sister’s wedding. The only problem is she isn’t seeing anyone at the moment. With time running out, and no new hookup or fling in sight, Rachel decides to contact someone from her past and ask them to be her plus one. On her way to return the RSVP, Rachel is hit by a car and ends up in the hospital with a slight case of amnesia.

Rachel remembers who she is, she knows where she lives and about her passion for Astrology; she even remembers her sister’s upcoming wedding. The only thing Rachel doesn’t remember is who she invited as her date! Her phone is broken, so that’s no help, but she dimly remembers someone — whoever it was — saying yes.

This book feels like a serialized collection of erotica stories gathered together into a novel-length book, as each story starts with the same introduction to Rachel. After the wedding amnesia, the rest of the book is broken up into stories about Rachel’s adventures with past lovers, from a threesome with a roller derby girl, to a romantic outdoor fuck with a Wiccan kindergarten teacher, to being pegged by a sex toy saleswoman at a party to help Rachel get over her breakup. The stories are hooked together by horoscopes hinting at the flavor of the story to follow.

The book ends with no resolution, as there is no grand reveal of who responded to Rachel’s text. Mostly because that isn’t the point. The point is, I think, that Rachel has loved many women — both as partners and as friends. She enjoys sex, enjoys seeing her partners happy, and enjoys the attention and affection they give her in return.

This is light, fast, and decently written, with only a few typos (winched instead of winced, fair instead of fare). If you want some steamy sapphic stories, this book could be right up your alley.