Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella


Anton “Tony” Cargill is a 19-year old in search of a good time and a mission in life. His family is wealthy and, while Tony could dance to their tune, he’s got no interest in being a mid-level desk jockey as some corporate muckety-muck. He walked away from his self-serving parents’ fortune and is currently living rent-free in an empty apartment in one of the buildings his cousin owns/manages for the family.

To stick it to his wealthy folks, Tony took a job as an auto mechanic and loves the work–and garnering the grudging praise of his stoic boss. There Tony encounters an uber-wealthy client of the garage, Ezra Fontaine, and is instantly smitten. It turns out his cousin has a lot of deep information on Ezra, as they run in the same elite circles. Ezra’s gay, middle-aged, newly divorced, and seems to be a natural submissive with a huge kink for shame and pain. Tony is hooked, but he’s not sure how to captivate his silver fox, especially since he can’t catch the man’s respect as a grease monkey–or can he?

A combination of tarot readings, recreational drugs, and a private cell number turns out to be a genius plot vehicle as Tony gains the empowerment he needs to attract his snooty, slutty Ezra. There’s almost no direct dialogue between them, but Tony has an instinctual capacity to push Ezra’s kink to the limit, and then a touch more. They’re incendiary in person, and reading Tony’s POV was really a fun challenge as his head is a total mess, as expected for a clueless 19-year old who’s absolutely winging it. He’s a hoot of a narrator, whether seeing through his own eyes or those of his new Dragon persona. The equating of Erza to a proud General, one that deserved to be truly vanquished and lavished with the sexual attention of his Dragon master, was wild.

I found myself turning the pages just that bit faster to see how Tony would manage to bluff his way into Ezra’s life permanently. As it turns out, it was simpler that anyone thought. I loved that the compassionate mastering Tony doles out is exactly what was missing in Ezra’s billionaire life.

This is erotic BDSM novella that explores an obsessive attraction, one that is ultimately returned. It’s not so much an HEA as a Possession Ever After. I’m not familiar with the author, but I will remember the name, because this fever dream of a story was as wacky as I’ve read and enjoyed. If you are a fan of fast-paced kink, one that especially has some weird turns and lots of imagination, this could be a book for you.