Today I am so pleased to welcome C. Rochelle to Joyfully Jay. C has come to talk to us about the Villainous Things series. C has also brought along an exclusive excerpt and great giveaway! Please join me in giving a big welcome!


Hi there, Weird-H0’s! I write PNR/Monster/Sci-fi MM, MMF/MFF & polyamorous Why Choose romance, but most of you know me from my smutty supermen…

A little over a year ago, I released Not All Himbos Wear Capes – book 1 in the Villainous Things Superhero/Villain MM series – and have been blown away by the positive response I’ve received from readers!

The idea came from a desire to write an extreme enemies-to-lovers/star-crossed lovers tale (with grumpy/sunshine vibes) but make it MM… and superheroes/villains with gritty The Boys vibes and Deadpool humor. Himbos started as a Patreon serial, but my patrons loudly (and lovingly) convinced me to make it available to the world!

Thus, Villainous Things was born! Each book in this interconnected standalone series follows a different brother(s) from the villainous Suarez clan as they find love with heroes, “normies,” and fellow villains. While each book has its own HEA, there is an interconnected plot, so you will want to read it in order (unless you’re just here for the smut, in which case, carry on).

Gentlemen Prefer Villains (book 2) was unleashed at the end of March, and Putting Out for a Hero (book 3) in July. Book 4 will be an MMM called Enter the Multi-Vers, and is already underway with an estimated release date of January 2024 (to avoid the holidays)!

I recently unveiled the cover for this much-anticipated tale, and now would like to offer Joyfully Jay’s lovelies an EXCLUSIVE excerpt that hasn’t been seen anywhere outside of my writing doc (along with a giveaway to help you catch up).

CW/TW: Sweary dialogue, dark humor, a very predatory chaotic alien inspiring a very confused sub-awakening



“But you’re no longer a child in need of coddling and care.” Theo’s hypnotizing voice returned as he advanced, forcing me to retreat. “You’re a man with his own agenda—his own wants and desires. You don’t need big bro controlling you from afar. Not when you can handle yourself.”

I ain’t handling shit right now.

My body was vibrating from his proximity and scent. Even though it made absolutely no sense, all I could focus on was why the fuck we weren’t both naked and rolling around on the ridiculous Persian rugs layered all over the floor.

Where the hell did that come from?

Weird insta-lust aside, Theo was right about one thing. I most definitely was a man with wants and desires, and not one of them currently aligned with what Wolfy had tasked me with.

Get in his head.

Get the intel.

Get out.

And get a fucking hold of yourself!

“Nobody controls me,” I growled, more annoyed with my traitorous body than anything. My words ended with a gasp as my back met the worn edge of a wooden work table—rattling the small glass bottles lined up along its surface.

Theo hummed again as he loomed over me, but it was more like a purr that had my toes curling in my boots. “You wish someone would, though, don’t you?”

I actually stopped breathing. It was as if Theo had found a way into my head, and there was nowhere for me to hide. Even though this kimono-wearing asshole had known me for barely ten minutes, he’d somehow zeroed in on my darkest desire and held it up to the harsh daylight pouring through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Forcing me to look.

Offering me what I wanted more than anything.

But I can’t.

I can’t fuck this up.

“Your face is perfectly symmetrical,” he murmured, blessedly switching gears as he mapped me with his deceptively warm brown eyes. Deceptive because—this close—I could tell there was no actual warmth behind them. “I bet you don’t possess a single unflattering angle—”

We both hissed in a breath as he absently cupped my chin, sending a harsh jolt of electricity shooting down my spine.

Straight to my dick.

What the fuck?!

Theo snatched his hand away from me and stumbled backward, revealing Dre standing in the doorway—looking exactly as disgusted with me as I would have expected.

Bro, same.

“Are you measuring my brother’s skin for a lampshade?” he muttered, tossing me my phone without waiting to see if I was ready. “Or was that last season’s home decor line?”

I almost fumbled the catch as Theo glanced at my twin over his shoulder.

“Lampshade?” he absently mumbled—his gaze drifting to the industrial sewing machine across the room. “I hadn’t considered that…”

Dre met my gaze. We didn’t need the mind-bond to come to the same conclusion.

Dude is 1000 percent gonna make a lampshade from someone’s skin.

And why is that so hot?



Theo Coatl was supposed to be just a job.

On paper, my twin and I are recent grads moving into the eccentric artist’s mansion for a once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity.

In reality, Dre and I are spies for our clan—a pair of supes known as Shock and Awe who could melt our enemy’s brain as easily as we could extract the intel we were after.

Whatever works. 

But our mark isn’t the only one keeping secrets, and Theo’s proximity is… doing things to me. This man could fulfill every dark desire I’ve buried beneath the surface. Things even my twin doesn’t know I crave.

Too bad exploring my fantasies isn’t part of the plan.


Gabe and I may have been sent to this hideous McMansion on a mission, but the instant Theo Coatl sashayed into view, our plans changed.

At least, mine did.

Wolfy’s original instructions were clear—get in Theo’s head, get the intel, and get out. But I took our eldest brother’s words as more of a suggestion than anything.

And my idea is better.

Because I see the way Theo looks at my twin—like he wants to eat him alive. Never mind that the man is a potentially deadly being of unknown origins, or that I want to discipline him so badly I can taste it.

Gabe is the bait.

Theo is our prey.

And if I get to play with the brat before we end him, well, what could be the harm in that?


It had been so long since I’d enjoyed a proper hunt, I was nearly giddy with excitement.

And what delightful prey I’ve found!

The twins are perfect. Broody angel Gabriel is pretending to resist my advances, while practically begging me to take what I want. And Andre is playing his cards close with absolute control—which only encourages me to defy him more.

As there’s nothing I love more than misbehaving.

do have an agenda here on earth, however—one my interns can legitimately assist me with.

So, while I can’t wait to make a pretty pair of puppets out of these unsuspecting humans, I’ve decided to at least try to lure them in slowly. Really savor the experience.

Since it will be the death of them in the end.

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C. Rochelle here! I’m a naughty but sweet, introverted, Aquarius weirdo who believes a sharp sense of humor is the sexiest trait, loves shaking my booty to Prince, and have never met a cheese I didn’t like. Oh, and I write spicy Paranormal/Sci-Fi/Monster Why Choose + MM, MFF & MMF romance with dark, naughty humor and a #loveislove mentality.



C. has brought ebooks of all 3 currently released books in the Villainous Things series: Not All Himbos Wear Capes, Gentlemen Prefer Villains, and Putting Out for a Hero to give away to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Friday, November 17th at 11:59 pm ET.

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