Today I am so pleased to welcome Noa Rose to Joyfully Jay. Noa has come to talk to us about her latest release, A New Game. She has also brought along an exclusive excerpt and great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

The Birth of A New Game

A little over a year ago, A New Game made its debut as Noa Rose’s first full-length novel. It initially started as a small, short story beneath the ‘fake relationship’ trope. It was something outside of Noa’s norm, something contemporary instead of paranormal. Unfortunately, the submission for which A New Game was being written fell through. Not to be deterred, the words kept coming, blossoming from roughly 10k words, to 20k words. A few select people were allowed to read it and the reviews came back with a resounding ‘what happens next??’. I couldn’t just leave them hanging, so I set Noa to work.

You see, Noa Rose is my nom de plume, the alter ego that writes the things we read in the dark with no one else looking. Part of what Noa writes are the things no one gets to see on the page very often. Things like polyamory and bisexual representation. 10k words wasn’t enough to share this kind of representation, and 20k words just barely scratched the surface. Thus, A New Game grew into its big-boy pants. The ‘fake relationship’ trope stayed, actual relationships blossomed, a hefty helping of drama was thrown in for good measure and almost 60k words later, Noa had a shiny new novel.

As with any of my other novels, the characters had their own ideas of what should and should not happen in the novel. They took control and ran through the naughty and haughty like little monsters on speed until the very end when I finally packaged it in a pretty bi-flag-colored bow.

There are more things on the horizon for Noa in the next year that will twist those saucy nickers right up.


“You’re having second thoughts, aren’t you?” Quinn said once they were both nestled in the warm, bubbling springs. Angel relaxed against a stone, eyes closed.

“No,” he answered without moving. “Who is that banshee that was coming for me like I killed her kitten? She was bitching the other night, too. I remembered her voice.”

“Racine Fier,” Quinn replied. “She’s the one I’m supposed to be marrying. She’ll come at you until you give up or die.”

“Good to know,” Angel snickered. “She’s a bitch. You would really marry that if your dad told you to?”


Angel lifted his head up so he could look at Quinn. The other man had his eyes focused on the clear water.

“Q, have you talked to anyone about this? You have some serious issues with your dad. You’re an adult. He can’t actually make you do anything you don’t want.”

“Yes, he can,” Quinn replied in a near rasp. “He can take everything I love to force me to comply.”

“Really? He’d take everything just to make you marry some crazy ass bitch in stilettos? For what? What does he get out of it?”

“Stature,” Quinn answered without a moment’s thought. “Every move is to gain respect, wealth, status, rich people clout. Why do you think I was praying he’d just disown me when he found out I was gay?”


Everyone dreams of living inside their favorite romance movie. The perfect partner; perfect house; perfect life. It’s why Angel Rivera enjoys watching them so much. But watching romance movies, and living them are two very different things.

Quinn Lang has been Angel’s roommate for six years. When Quinn’s parents drop in for a whirlwind dinner, Angel learns Quinn is not only adopted, but wealthy beyond measure – – and expected to marry before he turns thirty to keep that wealth. In a panic, Quinn declares he’s already engaged – to Angel.

Come again?!

In order to save Quinn’s sanity and dignity, Angel agrees to go through with the farce, demanding half of the inheritance for his trouble. There’s just one problem: Rachel. Angel and Rachel have been casually dating for three years. When Angel starts developing real feelings for Quinn, his continued feelings for Rachel throw a whole new wrench in the game. And, not everyone is as thrilled for the coming nuptials as one might expect.

Can Angel survive the oppression of the ‘rich and snobbish’ long enough to sort out the conflicting feelings in his heart, or will it be game over before he even gets to walk down the aisle?


Noa Rose is a housewife, mother, and insane emotional stress baker during the day while moonlighting as an author of the intimate and divine. Currently, her works are few, sometimes saucy, sometimes cute, but always sweet. She shares her office with a few different decorative skulls to remind her of her wicked side, way too many Eeyore stuffies, and three cats.


Noa has brought a copy of A New Game or Heart of Ice to give away to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Tuesday, November 28th at 11:59 pm ET.


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