Today I am so pleased to welcome Kevin A Davis to Joyfully Jay. Kevin has come as part of the Coastal Magic Blog Tour to talk to us about Wight’s Wrath: Book One of the Khimmer Chronicles. Please join me in giving him a big welcome!

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Jay, thank you for the opportunity to chat with your readers!

When Ahnjii started hanging out in my head, a good bit of her was Tank Girl, though not completely. She was as quick to jump into a fight, as a friendship. “Spunky,” one reviewer called her. The story setting, modern time Tallahassee with cryptids and magic, set Ahnjii up with some human friends, and two cryptids who quickly become her girls.

Scenarios began to play out for the conflicts and resolutions for the series, but her character had started out with a serious imposed flaw, derived from her occupation before arriving on Earth. As an assassin, her training had engrained in her the danger of having friends, let alone relationships which could be used against her. That could change now that she was on Earth, if she could overcome the training and a failed experience. Random sex was a completely different matter and Ahnjii has no reservations in that department.

I had to take another look at the setting which I’d placed her in. Ahnjii is pansexual and panromantic, so her options are wide.

kevin a davis coastal badgeShailagh, the red-headed high Fae who makes quite clear her physical attraction to Ahnjii?

Tyler, her first friend, closest confident, and a nonbinary human?

Ooh, a poly!

Certainly not the dour Darren, Knight of the Accords; nor the vampire Benjamin with a symbiont wrapped around his heart though he is a kindly soul.

Maybe one of the wildlings who could shift their bodies into a beastly form? (Maybe just once – watch out for the nails)

I won’t spoil the arc, but she does find her path to overcoming her conditioning. Be warned – Khimmer Chronicles is a contemporary fantasy with the emphasis on adventure. The romance elements are sweet, not spicy.

Start with Wight’s Wrath: Book One of the Khimmer Chronicles on paperback through B&N or Amazon, Kindle, or KU. Once you’re hooked on Ahnjii, Khimmer, Woo, and the rest of the gang, go back and read the origin story: Nyx’s Blade, or save it for last. Nyx’s Blade is short and shows how Ahnjii got to Earth and first met Tyler.

I’m writing the DRC Files presently with episodes 1-3 done and either published or waiting on my editor. It’s a paranormal procedural. Think Warehouse 13 meets Criminal Minds. Content warning – like the beginning of police procedurals, some opening scenes might be gory with horror elements. A friend of mine and a horror nerd requested I kill her off in the opening scene, and she wasn’t disappointed.

…and I’m also writing a YA shifter romance trilogy set in a dystopian future…

…and have been publishing shorts in the PNR world of Lucas and Jack where they own a bed and breakfast in Vermont. I love these guys!

The plans for that series would be sweet romance with couples from diverse groups including cryptid, human, hetero, and queer – all set in the cuddly arms and watchful eyes of Lucas and Jack at the B&B.

Coastal Magic Convention is a casual reader weekend in Daytona Beach and takes place February 22-25, 2024. You can check out the website at if you want to learn a little more about the event. And if you are interested in signing up and joining us a the beach, you can register here


Want a contemporary fantasy with arrogant high Fae, shape-shifting wildlings, and a wrathful wight that’s turning some of Tallahassee’s residents into thralls?

Ahnjii is a spunky, fun-loving, deadly assassin that’s a bit naïve about Earth’s local cryptids.

A six-book series set in modern day with cryptids and magic!


I live in the swiftly becoming dystopian state of Florida and travel the Southeast as speaker, vendor, and fan to conventions. My six-book AngelSong series deals with angels, fallen and otherwise, in modern day Euguene, Oregon where Haddie grew up. My six-book Khimmer Chronicles is mostly set in modern day Tallahassee, though Ahnjii tends to keep moving, so – Slovenia and Iceland, there’s that. The DRC Files goes where the cases take the team, but Kristen has recently moved to modern day Atlanta, Georgia.

If you’d like to keep up with my work: