Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella


It’s not that Luke hates his life. His father loves him, for all that he was taken aback when he heard that his son was kissing another man; he’s just working on accepting that Luke is gay. Luke’s a cook in the family restaurant, which isn’t terrible, but he wants to cook something different. He wants to go to school, try out different things, cook different things. Now that’s something to really piss his father off, if he knew. But, given that he is a werewolf dad, family is more important to him than hurt feelings. One hopes.

One night, while cleaning up — having been grounded for the aforementioned gay kiss — Luke meets Michael, the vampire who comes in from the dark and opens Luke’s eyes to the bright, brilliant lights of the world beyond. There’s an instant, undeniable connection between the two of them. It’s not what Luke expected, or dreamed of, but somehow Michael is everything he ever wanted.

But Michael’s keeping secrets from Luke. Like the fact that he has a bonded mate.

This is a quick little story with a lot of work done to create the world, the relationships, and the plot, all within a hundred or so pages. And, for the most part, it works. The pace is fast, with Luke and Michael skipping past much of the getting to know one another and getting straight into the “I love you” phase of the relationship, but that’s to be expected. After all, they are fated mates.

Michael, over a decade ago, found his one true person … in the form of a child. A werewolf child. Obviously, that wasn’t going to fly, so Michael went to his clan leader, Emil, and asked for help. Emil sent Michael to Europe and somehow managed to muffle the mate bond, to keep Michael and Luke from feeling the pressing urge to come together so they’d both have the opportunity to grow into themselves as people. But, now that Michael’s back, he can’t stay away.

Michael and Luke are sketched out as characters; the prideful vampire with followers, money, and all the toys he’s ever wanted — from cars and clothing to assassins and bodyguards — while Luke is from the rougher part of town, able to only dream of life on top of the hill. Emil is a powerful vampire, Luke’s father is a powerful werewolf, and both the pack and the vampire clan system are sketched out nicely. The world building feels very organic with how it’s revealed, never too much at a time, just enough to support the conversation or to hint at more beyond the edges of the story.

I really hope the author writes more books in this world! For a vampire and werewolf love story, this is cute and well written. It’s just a little fast paced and a little short. Still, I had fun with it.