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Length: Novel


After a run in with the law, Cash Sweeney turned his life around from ex-con, to tech guru, to self-made millionaire. Twelve years ago, he met Nick Scott, and a passionate weekend turned into a true friendship. Though Cash has always wanted more from Nick, he knows he can’t lose him, so if friends is all they can be, then Cash is content with that. But when Nick shows up on Cash’s ranch, broken, bruised, and needy, it seems like the stars have finally aligned for the pair.

Nick values Cash more than anyone, and when he’s broken and burned out from his job as an FBI agent, there’s only one place he can turn. In a moment of neediness, Nick sees the truth in Cash’s eyes that his best friend wants him just as much as Nick wants Cash. Nick is ready for changes in every part of his life, and that includes changing the status of his relationship with Cash.

But it’s not entirely easy, and Nick has to show Cash that they can truly be together. More than that, the local cult, Salvation Anew, has once again stepped up their game. They’ve been targeting the ranch, and the ex-cons that have found their second chance there, since they arrived. But it’s more than anyone expected, and the secrets and motivations are finally brought to light. Cash and Nick have finally gotten their personal lives sorted out, but if they can’t put a stop to Salvation Anew, then the life they’ve worked so hard to build might crumble.

Saints Like Him is book three in the Redemption Ridge series, and the major series arc comes to a close in this book. Each book features a different couple and romance, but it’s necessary to read this series in order since the through plot develops more with each story. Cash has been an ever-present character, the man who started Redemption Ridge and brings second chances to convicts upon their release. Nick has also been present as a background character in the first book and playing a slightly bigger role in the second. Walker seeded the clues to their true relationship in the first two books, and it comes to a wonderful payoff here.

The chemistry between the MCs is so good. As I said, there’s bits of it in the first two books, and that really primed me as a reader for their eventual story. This doesn’t disappoint. What I loved most about this story is that almost from the jump, they move into a relationship and try to figure out how they can have their forever. It isn’t seamless and easy, as they both have hangups, but at the same time, it’s also a smooth transition. The author does an excellent job showing the depth of their feelings and it’s clear their history has been leading them to this point. I loved these two together, and I loved the way they took the next steps. These MCs were made for each other and I enjoyed watching them first admit how much they loved each other and then fit their lives together.

Of course, there is the secondary plot line of the cult, Salvation Anew. It, too, has been steadily building throughout the books, first appearing as a nuisance spouting homophobia and preaching against the ex-cons that live at Redemption Ridge. It takes another step in the second book, more directly impacting the ranch. In this story, things take a turn for the worse and the cult ramps up their attack, nearly costing someone their life. As the local sheriff investigates, the truth behind their motivations are revealed. For me, it wasn’t entirely a surprise, but it was nicely done. A big part of it also has a major resolution, though I found it slightly lackluster in the telling. That being said, I thought Walker did a nice job pulling all the strings together.

When I first began this series, I thought it was a trilogy, and that it would end with this book. I was very much looking forward to Cash and Nick’s story, and it was what I hoped for. I’m also thrilled that there are at least two more books scheduled for this series, featuring side characters who have played prominent roles. I’m a sucker for series, and these characters have wormed their way into my heart.

The characters are well drawn, each book is better than the last, and the storylines are engaging. There’s a lot of love and fluff, but the series delves into some heavier topics that really give the story weight. All in all, this book, and this series, is an easy recommendation from me.