Today I am so pleased to welcome Harper Robson to Joyfully Jay. Harper has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Night Before: An M/M Holiday Romance. She has brought along an exclusive cover reveal, excerpt, and giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

First up, here is an exclusive cover reveal!

the night before cover



“Okay, so, tell me, Doctor Jacobs, I’m curious: have you ever re-gifted?”

I bark out a laugh, Aleks has a way of constantly surprising me. I let out an exaggerated gasp, clutching my chest “Never!” I say with a shocked expression. “Have you?”

He grins wickedly. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” We both laugh before he continues. “Fine, I admit it. Maybe once or twice, but only for really shitty gifts.”

“Like a label maker?” I laugh, not expecting him to pick up on my slightly obscure Seinfeld reference. But he snorts a laugh, getting it right away.

“Exactly! If someone gives me a label maker, you can bet it’s getting re-gifted, tout suite.”

“Favorite Christmas movie?” I ask.

“Elf. Hands down,” he says. “Yours?”

“Christmas Vacation, one hundred percent,” I laugh. “Nothing better than Cousin Eddie emptying the RV’s toilet into the storm sewer. ‘Shitter was full!’”

We share another laugh. “We should totally have a Christmas movie marathon,” Aleks blurts out, and then he freezes, his eyes widening like he didn’t mean for that to come out of his mouth. “Um, I didn’t mean, like, together or anything, I know you’re not-”

“I’d love that. Let’s do it.” I say, and his eyes widen again.

“Yeah, really? You’d want to?”

“Yeah. Really.”

The conversation flows effortlessly as we continue eating, punctuated by laughter and teasing. By the time dessert arrives, we’ve each moved in our chairs, so our legs are intertwined under the table, his foot resting between mine. I’m highly aware of where our bodies are pressed together, even though there are layers of clothing between us. My mind drifts back to how good he feels when there’s nothing separating us. Hot skin pressed against hot skin. My cock hardens in my jeans, and I have to shift to avoid getting a zipper imprint embedded on it.

Of course, Aleks notices, and he shoots me a cheeky grin, but I’m saved by the server returning to ask if we need anything else.

“No, thank you. I think we’re ready to go, actually,” I say and she nods.

After taking care of the bill, we head back to Aleks’ loft, where we make short work of pulling the tree out of my car and carrying it up to his loft, where we quickly unwrap it. Magically, Aleks produces a tree stand from who knows where, so we set it up and then stand back to admire it.

“I think it’s perfect, don’t you? Aleks asks. “Even undecorated, it’s perfect. I can’t wait to bust out my decorations. Hey, maybe you can help me with that tomorrow. Josie and I usually do it together, but she’s not going to be much help, obviously. She could supervise from the couch while we hang the decorations. Then I could make us something yummy for dinner, I know she’s going to need to eat-” He freezes, his eyes going wide again. “Um, I mean, if you don’t have other plans. If you want to, that is. I didn’t mean to assume-”

The rest of his sentence is unintelligible, because I finally hit my breaking point. I close the distance between us, grab his face between my hands and crush my mouth onto his.


The second I discover my one-night stand is the son of my stepdad’s lifelong rival, I know I need to stay far away. How was I supposed to know my gorgeous hookup’s father will do anything to stop my groundbreaking research into head injuries in NHL hockey? So I ghost him while he sleeps, desperate to erase our incredible night together from history, or at least from my own mind. But fate throws us back together, and now he holds the fate of my research, and my career, in his hands. Suddenly, forgetting about the most intense connection of my life is no longer an option.

The pressure of having to constantly prove myself because people think I’m coasting on my dad’s influence never stops. An occasional night of no-strings-attached fun in the arms of a hot stranger helps me forget about it- for a moment. But when my latest hot stranger slips away without saying goodbye, all I’m left with his his first name: Ben. But the universe has a sense of humor, apparently, and it goes out of its way to bring us back together. This time we have to work as partners on a project critical to both our careers. A project my still-powerful father will do anything to stop, including trying to turn Ben against me.

The Night Before is a steamy M/M romance featuring a brilliant, selfless doctor trying to make the world of pro hockey safer, and an ambitious young NHL team executive, desperate to prove he’s more than just the son of a famous hockey player.

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Harper Robson grew up dreaming of being a writer, but that didn’t work out until she was in her forties. Along the way she worked in marketing, software development, and spent more than a decade as a stay-home mom.

She grew up in Vancouver, BC, but feels most at home in the leafy green suburbs of Seattle, Washington. This past summer Harper’s family pulled up stakes yet again, this time settling in Southern California, just north of San Diego, and so far she has no complaints!

She is mom to two pre-teen boys and an adorable but naughty yellow Lab. Her husband works in the tech industry, and he makes her laugh every day.

A true PNW girl, Harper loves the rain, but is always planning her next beach vacation.

Her favorite things include getaways with her besties, the Seattle Kraken, her two dogs, and drinking champagne for no reason at all.

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