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Work has been super busy for Parker and he is looking forward to some fun at the company holiday party. Not only is he excited about drinking and dancing with his friends, but also getting to see a slightly more relaxed version of one of the big corporate bosses, Wyatt Abrams. Wyatt is every one of Parker’s silver fox, Daddy fantasies come to life. But Wyatt is reserved, cool, and disciplined, and their first meeting at the office definitely doesn’t get the men off on the right foot.

Self discipline is not one of Parker’s strongest suites, however, and when he gets incredibly drunk and mostly naked at the party, he ends up back in Wyatt’s orbit once again. Though Parker is definitely humiliated come morning, he is surprised that Wyatt seems more amused than angry about it all. In fact, it soon becomes clear that Parker’s interest may not be entirely one sided. Parker can’t imagine why a super rich and sophisticated guy like Wyatt would be drawn to him, but it seems clear that he is. In fact, Wyatt not only wants to date Parker, but he has no qualms about letting everyone at the office know about their growing relationship.

As Christmas draws nearer, Wyatt and Parker grow closer to one another as well. Parker never expected to find this kind of happiness with a guy who really loves and accepts him. With Wyatt, Parker may have found everything he ever wanted in a man and a lifetime of happiness.

Daddy Christmas is a cute, grumpy/sunshine, boss/employee, holiday story. We are in Parker’s POV and he is a ball of energy, full of life, and somewhat lacking self control. He has been crushing on Wyatt, one of the big corporate bosses, for a while now and the two have a meet cute encounter that sets things up for them to reconnect later. Wyatt is rich, formal, and focused, and Parker is none of those things. So this is an opposites attract story as Parker brings some of his energy, sunshine, and fun to Wyatt, and Wyatt provides some stability and order to Parker’s life. The story is structured starting at the holiday party and each chapter represents a new day as it gets closer to Christmas. I think this style works well, as it gives the story a nice holiday feel and chronicles the developing relationship well. There isn’t a lot here in terms of conflict once the guys get past the initial hurdle of meeting, so I think the format helps to give the book some structure.

I think this story is going to work better for folks who enjoy Parker and his antics, and I’ll confess I found him a lot at times. He admits to having no filter or self control, and that is pretty clear when he goes to the company holiday party in nothing but his underwear and a Santa hat because someone offers him $100 to do it, and then proceeds to get near blackout drunk. This is a company that is so formal that Parker refers to his immediate boss as Mr. Williams, rather than his first name, but he doesn’t think twice about going naked to a function where all the top corporate brass are attending? Most of the time, I found Parker to be cute and charming, but sometimes, I could feel his lack of maturity.

The relationship moves pretty smoothly for these guys, despite the age difference and power differential (Wyatt is not Parker’s direct boss, but he is one of senior leaders and his family owns the company). The story does take care to make clear that this is all HR official and that no rules are being broken. I also appreciated that Wyatt is totally open about his relationship with Parker and never tries to hide it. Perhaps a little too much, honestly, as Wyatt goes so far as to set up a nap spot for Parker under his desk, encouraging him to take a long lunch so he can nap during the day. But I did appreciate that Wyatt is respectful of Parker at work and never tries to hide their connection. I did enjoy seeing how Parker brings out the softer side in Wyatt and helps him open himself up to some much lacking fun and frivolity. I did wish for a better sense of what was drawing Wyatt to Parker, given how closed off we are told he has been since his divorce. It takes virtually no time for Wyatt to suddenly be open to dating and it feels sort of out of nowhere that he has this total about face, so I would have liked to get more of a sense of his feelings in terms of how it all develops.

The story has a light kink vibe, but it isn’t a significant part of the book. Parker calls Wyatt “Daddy” here and there and we know Parker has a submissive side, but not much of that appears on page. There are a few passing references to Wyatt helping Parker find more structure, but the whole idea of the Daddy Dom dynamic, Parker’s submission, or any other kink element is really just a light overlay rather than being much part of the story. That isn’t necessarily a problem, but given the title and the way these elements are mentioned in the story, I was expecting something different than what we actually get.

Fans of Dee’s writing may recognize a few cameos from other characters in her books, but this book stands alone just fine. If you are looking for a light, easy holiday story with just a sprinkling of kink, this could be fun book to try.

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