Today I am so pleased to welcome Myf Wren to Joyfully Jay. Myf has come to talk to us about her latest release, Forever Ink. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

I helped Rhys get out of his clothes, throwing them into the hamper, and while we waited for the tub to fill, I got out my shaving gear. Rhys had now gotten used to me using a straight razor on him, and he said he enjoyed the feeling and liked the closeness of having me shave him. 

I could feel Rhys’s body relax under my hands as I lathered on the shaving soap, and I even got a quiet laugh as I dabbed a dollop of soap on his nose. He hummed happily when I brought the blade smoothly down his cheek, tipping his head back to let me get the few errant hairs there. By the time I’d wiped his face down with a warm washcloth, the bath was full.

“All right baby, the bath looks ready to go.” I couldn’t help but feel proud looking at my boy standing naked next to me. The healthy meals and regular walks had him filling out, and the boxing lessons he’d been having with Mouse had started to tone his upper body and legs in a way that I really liked. Of course, Rhys was always perfect in my eyes.

Rhys got into the tub and sank down into the bubbles till only the top of his head showed. I could already see him relaxing deeper. 

‘Want Daddy to wash you, baby bear?’ I asked as I emptied the mesh bag with his boats into the tub with a soft splash.

“Yes please. Hair wash too?” Rhys asked hopefully.

“You bet. You just relax, and I’ll grab the shampoo.” Washing each other’s hair had become one of those things we both loved. It was a way of reconnecting and enjoying closeness. I’d become addicted to the head massages Rhys gave, but I was no slouch myself, and I hoped it would help relax him. 

No matter how much I wanted to know what had upset him, I wasn’t going to push. Having someone safe that he could air his worries and share his concerns with was still very new to Rhys, but he was slowly learning to talk about what was bothering him. And not just with me, but others in our small circle. But I’d learned through the months with him that it was best to let Rhys open up himself, and not push him to talk. And if washing his hair and spending some relaxing time together was what he needed, then I was more than happy to oblige.

“Tip your head back, baby.” I grabbed the shower attachment and ran it till the water was warm, then started to wet Rhys’s hair. Once it was wet, I massaged the shampoo into his hair, and the happy groan Rhys made was almost pornographic.


forever ink coverTewsbury Daddies, Book 2

It’s Christmas, and Rhys has never been happier. He loves his Daddy and his found family, and he has secret plans to ask Simon a very important question. But before he gets his chance he’ll have to navigate meddling grandparents, barn elves, glogg, and a slightly murderous sheep.

And when a dark figure from his past looms, will Rhys have what it takes to stand up for himself and defend his and Simon’s future together?

This book is an MM Age Play/ Age Regression romance between consenting adults.


myf wren avatarMyf Wren lives among the gum trees and kangaroos of rural Australia with her family, a great Dane with the IQ of a potato, and a cat that is actively trying to kill her. Despite this, she still finds time to write mm romance novels where her boys are guaranteed a happy ending!

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