Today I am so pleased to welcome Dana Frost to Joyfully Jay. Dana has come to talk to us about a new release, Insatiable Incubus. Dana has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Tasting the young lad’s delicious essence certainly got me in the mood for a bloodtini. I haven’t indulged in one for some time because I don’t have a good blood merchant around these parts. The blood I could get would be of the poorest quality. Despite the sellers claiming it is the blood of a newborn prince, it probably comes from Mangy Larry, the village drunk who would sell you a pint of his own blood to get a pint of something stronger. Whatever I just experienced calls for something pretty stiff though. I head out into the garden and retrieve the dwindling bottle of the good stuff from the icehouse. I grab a handful of ice for good measure. I place them in the appropriate glass and pour in a dash of cherry liqueur, more than a dash of gin, and follow it up with the thick, murky blood that makes my mouth water. The high that one gets from the blood of an innocent is something indescribable. I already feel the odd feeling from moments earlier evaporating from my body and mind.

I stir the drink with my pinky, creating my divine cocktail. I bring it to my lips and inhale deeply. That takes me back. I pour the tiniest taste into my mouth and let it rest on my tongue. As the taste explodes in my mouth, I don’t get the taste I was expecting, that rush of heat in my veins. Instead, I spit it out in disgust. I look at the glass, scowling, and let it slip between my fingers onto the marble floor. The glass shatters at my feet, and the infused red liquid pools by my soles. Perhaps the blood has gone bad? I, of course, know that I am just in a state of manic denial. Every incubus knows that once you taste the blood of this supposed fated mate of yours, the blood of others, even from the highest caliber of specimens, is rendered bitter and revolting.

So, apparently, this is actually happening. I have been on this earth for centuries and now, just as I have started to feel comfortable in my solitude, I am struck into this living nightmare. Not only have I encountered he who is supposedly my soul mate, but this stranger also seems to me insulant, obnoxious, displeasingly arrogant, and, worst of all, a most incompetent butler.


insatiable incubus coverLads and Monsters, Book 1

A sadistic incubus; a young monster hunter. Sometimes love can be more complicated than murder.

Lucian Darksbane has been tormenting men since the Middle Ages. An impossibly charming incubus, he has left a trail of broken hearts and ravaged bodies in his wake. But now, he lives a secluded life in his sprawling, countryside manor haunted by his dark past.

When maidens from the neighboring village start turning up murdered in the woods, the brooding incubus is the first to be blamed. His spirits are lifted by the arrival of a delicious young lad who may be exactly what this sadistic monster needs to — distract himself.

Wilder Wrenfield is hired to assassinate the mysterious demon of Thornwood Manor. Audacious, wild, and too brave for his own good, Wilder jumps head first into the mission with his signature reckless arrogance — that is, until he lays eyes on his irresistible target.

Posing as Lord Darksbane’s butler, even Wilder’s dreams are no longer private as his master proceeds to inflict his perverted desires on the unsuspecting assassin — the scariest part for Wilder is, how much he loves it.

An enemy becomes a lover and turns his hired gun on the world to protect his former target. But, as the pair grows closer, old wounds are torn open. Lucian has a secret that threatens to not only destroy their love, but destroy each other.

Insatiable Incubus is an enemies-to-lovers standalone MM monster romance featuring an age gap, kinky scenes, and fated mates. This novel follows a lonely monster with a traumatic past and a bold, angsty human discovering their love through forced proximity.


dana frost bio logoMy name is Dana Frost. From a young age, I’ve been obsessed with fantastical monsters and the paranormal. Now, as an adult, I can’t help but add my love for MM romance and kink into the mix. I enjoy writing love stories with a hint of darkness and heat levels through the roof. My characters are usually charming, witty, and sarcastic, masking their damaged and needy hearts.

I’m originally from Ireland but find myself living in Greece for now. I’m a hopeless coffee addict, love all kinds of crafts, and I run to the beach every free moment I have. Perhaps I will run into my very own minotaur one of these days…

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To celebrate the release of Insatiable Incubus, Dana’s giving away 2 e-copies of the release! Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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