Today I am so pleased to welcome Morgan Brice to Joyfully Jay. Morgan has come to talk to us about her latest release, Signs and Wonders. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“Wow.” He stood close behind Evan, braving the chill wind for the majestic view.

“I know, right? It’s even better than the pictures,” Evan replied, excitement clear in his voice. “Can you imagine what the Fourth of July must look like up here?”

They were alone on the overlook, so Seth placed his hands on Evan’s hips and pulled him back against his chest. “We don’t do this kind of thing often enough,” he said. “I’m sorry. I promise to do better.”

It’s been nothing but blood and fighting and death since we ran off together in Richmond. I keep telling myself that “it’s only until we finish the job,” but that’s no way to live. I’m so lucky to have him with me, and I love him so much. I swear I’ll find a way to make this right.

“I know what we’re doing is important, but I want happy memories along the way.” Evan leaned his head back on Seth’s shoulder. “They take the sting out of the bad days.”

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” Seth murmured. “Thank you.”

“You saved my life, so you’re stuck with me,” Evan teased. “I’m right where I want to be.”

A gust made Seth shiver, and he reluctantly led Evan back to the incline. They were alone in the car, and looked out over the skyline as they descended.

“Hard to believe that a hundred years ago, people called Pittsburgh ‘hell with the lid off’ because of the smoke from the steel mills,” Evan said.

“Thank you for today.” Seth sat close enough that they touched from hip to knee. “I didn’t know how badly I needed this.”

“Thanks for going along with it. And Matt was right—my hip feels a lot better. The arm is still sore, but not as much.”

Seth nodded. “My back’s still tender, and the bruises will take a while to fade, but definitely improved. Let’s go back to the RV and give the night a very happy ending.” Seth licked his lips for emphasis.

“I think that could be arranged.” Evan bumped his knee. “I have a few ideas for that too.”

Seth had stopped praying when his family died, but sometimes he found himself still asking the universe for a favor and hoping someone was listening. Please let us cross the finish line together, one way or the other.


signs and wonders coverWitchbane Series, Book 7

When a coven of dark warlocks killed Seth Tanner’s brother, Seth became a man driven by vengeance, sworn to stop the cycle of ritual killings, willing to die for the cause. He never expected to fall head over heels in love with the witches’ next intended victim. Evan Malone didn’t believe the supernatural was real until Seth swept in with his magic and motorcycle to save him from being the next sacrifice.

Now they’ve gone on the road together, hunting the rest of the coven while they figure out how to keep the white-hot, once-in-a-lifetime bond between them. Days are filled tracking their paranormal quarry, honing their monster hunting skills, and gaining control of the small magics that have made a life-or-death difference. Nights are spent together, entangled in adrenaline-fueled passion, learning how to make this love last forever despite the odds. Seth fears that if they don’t eliminate the rest of the coven, they’ll be on the run forever, and more people will die. Evan is afraid that Seth’s obsession with revenge means they might not survive to get a happily ever after.

Seth and Evan head to West Virginia to confront one of the dark warlocks, a master con man running a cybercrime empire. Can Seth and Evan save the warlock’s next target, bring down his crime syndicate, and live to tell the tale?

Signs and Wonders is a thrill-packed supernatural thrill ride with plenty of paranormal suspense, hurt/comfort, hot nights, found family, deadly magic, immortal witches, determined hunters, haunted places, creepy ghosts, impressive explosions, spooky chills, and sexy thrills, and features an evolving, established romantic relationship with all the feels.


Morgan brice avatarMorgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon!

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