Today I am so pleased to welcome Laura Weyr to Joyfully Jay. Laura has come to talk to us about her latest release, Mirror of My Heart. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Once upon a time, when I was just a child, we had a falling-apart copy of The Golden Book of Fairy Tales. Because it was so fragile, I was only allowed to read it if I promised to be very, very careful. It left an impression on me, not only because it was something special and rare, and not only because of the big, beautifully-painted illustrations, but also because these fairy tales had sharper edges than the ones I knew from the movie theater or the simpler bedtime stories I was used to.

As I grew older, I turned to other kinds of fiction. I developed a love for mysteries and science fiction, and later for romance. But I never lost my fascination with fairy tales.

My first published full-length novel, The Eighth Key, was a fantasy story rather than a fairy tale. Journeying and falling in love along with Lucian and Corwin was a great joy, as was winning the Rainbow Award for Best High Fantasy Gay Romance that year.

But for my first Sapphic novel, I wanted to write something a little different. So I reached for my childhood, for those stories that made our world seem magical. I set out to reimagine Snow White, and I found myself drawn in by both Snow White and her young stepmother, barely older than Snow White herself. Though the book is from Snow White’s point of view, it is just as much the queen’s story: that of a young woman in an impossible position, doing the best that she can. While the romance that blossoms between them is sweet (with some heat, 18+ readers only, please), the world around them has sharp edges. It is up to the two of them to navigate these hidden blades and try to find a way to their own happily ever after.

Then, too, there is magic to be found in unexpected places. There are allies to be discovered even amongst their enemies. As their world came alive for me, I grew to love both the main couple and their unexpected friends. In the end, both women must fight fate in their own ways, but, as in all the best fairy tales, they aren’t alone.

Recently I was gifted that self-same fairy tale book I read when I was a child. As I reverently and carefully turned the pages, I found that the magic of these stories still has the power to enthrall. I hope the child in you will find Mirror of My Heart as magical and as enthralling as the stories you grew up with…but with enough sharp edges and spice to also give your adult self a satisfying happy ending.


When the happily ever after isn’t the one you expect.

Once upon a time, a spoiled princess met her youthful new stepmother, a woman as cold as she was beautiful. . .or so she seemed.

Once upon a time, a queen burdened a girl with harsh tasks, yet never heavier than she could bear. . .and so a princess became strong and wise.

Once upon a time, in the midst of loneliness, two hearts touched love. . .until a king returned from war to find his daughter grown into the very likeness of her dead mother.

Now fled to the forest, her beloved a prisoner, can Snow White win her happily ever after?


When it comes to fusing elaborate high fantasy with steamy queer romance, no one does it better than five-time Hugo Finalist Laura Weyr! Her first full-length novel, The Eighth Key, won the 2021 Rainbow Award for Best Gay Fantasy Romance. Laura lives in sunny California with her husband, daughter, and cat. Stay tuned for more from this talented author!