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Xander was born to a family of supervillains, but while his alter ego is Doctor Antihero, he has no powers of his own. In fact, no one in Big City even knows he is part of the supervillain Suarez clan. Xander spends most of his time in his lab, working to find ways to save the waters from pollution and human destruction, and being periodically bugged by Captain Masculine, Big City’s famous hero.

Butch may be one of the most powerful superheroes in Big City, but he had his life signed away by his parents before he was even born. He is now contractually obligated to protect Big City as superhero Captain Masculine. Nothing in Butch’s life is under his control and he has no choice about anything he does. His parents even want to arrange a marriage for him, one that would have him paired up with whatever family can offer the most in exchange for the chance at his superhero bloodline.

When Xander and Butch meet on a dating app, the naive and virginal Butch starts out a little over his head with the more experienced and kinky Xander. But it turns out that there is a whole side to Butch that he never realized existed and the two find themselves on fire together. Xander is surprised to find himself really liking Butch and wanting to keep and protect him. And Butch loves the freedom that comes from being with Xander, and the chance to explore all the parts of him that he has had to hide away in service to the city.

At first, the men have no idea that the person in their bed is also their super arch enemy. But soon it may not matter to them that they are opposite sides of the hero/villain line. Xander and Butch are falling hard for each other and determined to keep each other in their lives. It’s too bad that their families will stop at nothing to keep them apart, and finding a way to be together may cost Xander and Butch everything.

Not All Himbos Wear Capes is the first book in the Villainous Things series by author C. Rochelle. I am a fan of superhero stories so I was really intrigued by this one. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect here in terms of tone based on the title, but this one is a fun balance of snark, sexiness, kink, and bad boys. The author describes this in the blurb as “Sin City and The Boys having a love child with extra spicy Spideypool” and I think that is a perfect description (that said, this leans more to the Spideypool side and is not nearly as grisly and violent as something like The Boys). There is a strong dose of morally gray here, as Xander may not have super powers, but he does have a dark side he doesn’t mind letting out. But even more fun is watching sweet, virginal, do gooder Butch, who can’t even swear or think dirty thoughts in his head at the beginning of the book, start to let out his dark side as well. Butch has been forced into this box his entire life of the good, wholesome Captain Masculine. And here we see him come into his own, claim what he wants (and who he wants), and let out his inner bad boy that has been there all along.

I just found these guys a really fun pairing. I expected Xander to take longer to accept his feelings for Butch, being the “bad guy” and all, but he falls fast and hard and is not afraid to let Butch know how much he likes and wants him. It makes for a really sweet vibe that juxtaposes well with the darker side of things. These guys are super hot for each other and there is lots of sex, with a more dominant and occasional Daddy-vibe from Xander. But there is also some depth to these guys and a nice character development and growth arc over the course of the story for both of them.

This story was a lot of fun and I really liked how it all comes together as Butch and Xander join together to face those that want to take them down. It also sets up really nicely for the series, and I am eager to continue on and see what is to come for some of these other (not completely) villainous folks.

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