Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novel


Corwin is a mage who was born after the Drought and is still able perform some magic, which makes him valuable. He was raised in the Guild and the mages there have protected him all of his life. It was an unusual upbringing, but it’s all he knows. Corwin is now on a quest, in part to help restore magic to the world, when he comes upon Lucian.

Lucian is a bard that regularly sings for his supper. He never knows where his next meal will come from or if he will have a roof over his head for the night. Lucian is always a flirt and Corwin’s shy eyes and long hair captivate him. The men find themselves on an adventure together, with their feelings growing stronger for each other every day. Corwin is inexperienced and Lucian has no interest in tying himself down. But their lives are entwined more than they ever thought and the growing bond between them could be the answers everyone has been looking for, or it could mean the end.

Books with magic will always interest me and I have a weakness for new-to-me authors and this book checked both of those boxes. I was intrigued with this book when it started, as we see Corwin being one of the only mages to have magic after the Drought. It does make him vulnerable at times, as humans have been suffering since the Drought and they demand things of Corwin that he is unable to produce. Lucian is captivated with Corwin from their first meeting for many reasons. He’s intrigued that Corwin has magic and he’s intrigued by Corwin in general. The men then stay together on their journey and Lucian knows that there is more to their meeting than chance and he’s determined to find out what that is.

A little past the halfway mark, this book completely lost me from one scene to the next. Once they arrive back at the Guild, Lucian pieces things together and he never had enough information that it made sense he could to do this. Then, the men embark on a metaphysical journey and there were times the characters mentioned being confused and I was as well. Their journey takes them to a different realm, with themes such as the Void and the Source, and I did not care for the execution of this part of the story. It was too bad, since I liked Corwin and Lucian and I liked them together and I liked the magic aspect. But the larger story of restoring magic to the world was not for me and ultimately made their journey falter.