Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


The Gentlemen’s Club is the second book in the Unbreakable Ties series and follows Our Sweet Revenge. The books are intended to be read in order and this review will contain spoilers for the series.

It’s been a month since Ethan, Anthony, and Jay confronted Chris and faced some some harsh truths and dark demons. Ethan and Anthony thought everything had been put to rest and they are focused on their new relationship. But they have no idea that Jay’s need for revenge against Chris is still strong.

When Chris and Anthony were in a relationship, The Gentlemen’s Club had a huge impact on them and ultimately led to the demise of their friendship and, while the men thought that was behind them, the owners of the club have other ideas. Chris is being blackmailed by Jay and blackmailed by a superior at work and then his abusive childhood slams full force back into his life. It seems like there is no way out and Chris will have to rely on the same friends he wronged to try and pull himself out of the chaos. But the chaos that follows the men seems be endless and, even if the try and stand together, they may ultimately wind up divided.

The Gentlemen’s Club hits harder than the first book in the series, Our Sweet Revenge. Where the first book was dark, there were also moments when the author pulled back on the chaos for a break. I didn’t feel that happened here and this book is one abusive and traumatic situation after the other.

After the events of the first book, Jay is blackmailing Chris and Chris’ life is once again about degradation and abuse. Ethan and Anthony have no idea what is going on and Chris doesn’t know how to stop Jay. There are several POVs here and when it switches to Anthony, we then learn of what happened when Anthony and Chris were together and how the club affected their lives. We also learn more about Chris’ childhood where there was more abuse and evil.

The events don’t stop at all throughout the book. It also felt like the men have no self-preservation and blindly go all in to help Chris. And then, there are no consequences, it’s just on to the next chaotic and abusive situation. In addition, Chris is still married and while they have an “open” relationship, what Chris does seems to be above and beyond that and while Chris is a victim as well, he’s caught in a never ending loop of being blackmailed without ever truly fixing anything.

The writing gets the job done here and the author lays out a truly heinous path for Chris and the other men. I like to read dark books, but from my view, I needed a break every now and again from the type of abuse that was happening, which didn’t happen in this book. The ending opens the door for yet another traumatic part of Chris’ life that will lead to another difficult situation. I am already invested in these men and their story and would like to see this all play out and do hope the next book has a little more balance.