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Length: Novel


The Spoil of Beasts is the third book in Gregory Ashe’s Iron on Iron series. The series is intended to be read in order and this review may naturally review plot points for the series.

With a murder to solve, make that two murders to solve, John-Henry hires North and Shaw as contractors for the police department. North is pleased with the work, but isn’t great at taking orders and playing by the rules. The men are further from finding out what exactly is going on at The Cottonmouth Club, and with the violence now closer to home, this case needs to be solved.

But the case is a windy road that leads to the men questioning pastors and politicians and they are even looking to question a sheriff’s deputy. No one is above suspicion and their investigation puts North and Shaw directly in the sight of a killer. But it’s not only North and Shaw who are being closely watched and, although North likes to mess with his friends, he’s the only one that gets to do that and he will stop at nothing to take out those that seek to harm his friends and family.

The Iron on Iron series is an intricately woven set of books that builds from many of Ashe’s prior series. With this being the third book in the series, it is highly advised to read what has come before, as the overall case will make little sense without the foundation of the first two books. The focus here is on North and Shaw, as all of the men continue to aid in the investigation that has pulled them all in and has them working, sometimes reluctantly, together.

I will give Ashe all of the accolades for keeping this main murder mystery storyline going, while simultaneously keeping all of the couple’s stories running alongside. It’s truly a feat having all of these men come together and finding meaningful ways for them to be involved, while also keeping their own storylines true. I am certainly invested with how the end will play out.

With all of the characters that Ashe writes, there have to be some I enjoy more than others. When I first met North and Shaw, I liked their early story of pining for each other and the set up of their characters. After that, they didn’t resonate as much for me and having an entire book here with them as the leads wasn’t my favorite of the series. The POV is mostly from North as he blazes his way through life not caring who he knocks down in the process, sometimes including Shaw. The smaller moments between the men do briefly alleviate some of that pressure, but those moments are few. Because of their antics that continue as a couple, I then found it harder to follow along on the case. The case has been evolving since the start of the series and I wanted to be more invested than I found I was at the end.

I am still invested in all of these men and enjoy seeing how their dynamics together play out and which characters start to become friends on their own. It’s the crossover to beat all crossovers and with John-Henry and Emery the main focus for the final book, I am in for that.