Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella


Zachary is a family guy and a homebody editor at a publishing house. He’s not happy that the company Christmas party is mandatory and in-person, but he’s doing the best he can to manage. Zachary has one semi-close work friend and plans to cleave to that man–and his two boyfriends–for the minimum amount of social face time required for this shindig. And that’s when Zachary encounters the head marketing guru, Alexander, up close and extremely personally.

Alexander is drawn to Zachary like an alpha to an omega — not that there have been many of those genders in the past four generations. People had thought those genes were selected out of existence, but new testing has revealed that alpha and omega genders are present, though somewhat dormant in today’s population. Well, the reaction Alexander and Zachary experience from a couple of exchanged words disabuses them of that fallacy. Their meet-cute is nothing short of explosive. Zachary tries to flee, while Alexander pursues; his steady hand lets the sexytimes roll as the Christmas party blusters on around them.

These guys have a fated-mates vibe going, and some intense chemistry, but they also have lives. It’s mere days until Christmas and they’re each headed in opposite directions to celebrate with family. They exchange numbers and that tenuous connection ends up being a lifeline when expectations of family and traditions get too overwhelming. If nothing else, they do phone sex well. Expect a little light dominance on the part of Alexander, who really has a way of easing Zachary’s social anxiety with some gentle commands.

I enjoyed this sweet novella, and liked the execution of the romantic development, allowing the MCs to experience a cooling off and re-evaluation due to their travel plans. It gave space for real communication to occur, and for these guys to fan the flames of a deeper passion to grow beyond their immediate attraction.

There’s no mpreg here, but the knotting made for an unexpectedly humorous moment. I enjoyed this twist on omegaverse society, and felt the way the story integrated the holiday hoopla was reasonable and relatable. It’s fun and sexy, and part of a bigger shared fictional universe with other stories (Unexpected Omegas). I haven’t read those books, but I definitely didn’t feel like I was missing any key information to fully enjoy this book.