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Length: Novella


Vixen is a wealthy, respected, reindeer shifter, who works for Santa 25. He’s hardly ever taken any personal leave and Vixen is a taskmaster. Because of his exacting nature, Vixen has struggled to keep assistants. Santa 25 is a fair Santa, to be sure, and he believes Vixen’s working too hard. Santa 25 has ordered Vixen to take a mandatory three-week vacation during the busiest months of present sorting leading up to Christmas.

Thankfully, Vixen has just gotten a new assistant, a young and naive elf named Coco, who is super efficient at his first ever real job. In his early 20s, Coco is totally gobsmacked to be assigned to work for such a prestigious, mature reindeer. Vixen’s able to convince Coco to physically bring him daily reports from the office, which circumvents his “staycation” order from Santa–in spirit, if not in actuality. That said, the wiser, older Vixen is flummoxed by the attraction he feels for sweet, eager Coco. He’s not only invited the elf to his palatial home, but Vixen’s seemingly compelled to ensure that Coco’s happy there. He cooks delicious meals just for him, and entices Coco to stay for movie nights and (reindeer) games. Coco’s so smitten, he can’t help doing whatever Vixen wants, even though he fears he’ll be fired for abetting Vixen’s sneaky plan to stay on top of the work.

As it turns out, Coco is phenomenally capable and utterly attractive. He brings Vixen into rut for the first time in years. Coco is such a delicious omega that he and Vixen experience amazing bliss in coupling–which Santa must suspect, right? They’re being excessively naughty, after all! Except, instead of coal in his stocking, Coco gains a bun in the oven.

This is super sweet and a fun re-imagination of sexy North Pole omegaverse love and I really liked this one. I found the story to be creative and sexy, with great pacing and palpable romantic development. The details surrounding the North Pole subdivisions in terms of housing, finance, and labor were described with enough detail to intrigue without readers getting stuck “in the weeds.” It’s a fated mates story, but didn’t have that immediate sex aspect that’s often common in those plots. We have both POV characters examining their experiences of initial attraction that grew and deepened the more time they spent with one another. I liked that they were both unsure and had some qualms about the passion they were feeling. The story had a more romantic vibe as a result.

I haven’t read any more of this multi-author Mated at the North Pole collection, but I liked what I did read and enjoyed the ending, which is supremely happy. I definitely recommend this for fans of omegaverse and mpreg stories, particularly with shifters and holiday happiness.