Story Rating: 4 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Shawn K. Jain
Length: 4 hours, 27 minutes

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Joey is a young gay man who struggles with Crohn’s disease, and works as a virtual assistant to minimize his work loss when he has flare ups. He also lives with his elderly grandmother, who raised him when his dad abandoned him following his diagnosis as a child. They care for each other in times of illness, and the illness his grandmother has been battling a while finally claims her. Joey is so caught in his grief that he neglects his own self care and ends up in the hospital for a time. He’s so mortified at his actions that he decides to save his client, a realtor named Tucker, the hassle of firing him by quitting via email once he’s home again. Joey had a huge crush on Tucker, and he feels like he let the man down with his irresponsibility.

Joey’s friend gets him a job as a server at a gay tavern, which is decent, but difficult work for Joey who’s used to working as a personal assistant. Still, the guys at the tavern are super friendly and, after a while, they decide Joey needs a special man, a gentle Daddy to care for him and love him after all the turmoil he’s suffered in life. They decide to advertise for Joey’s gentle daddy on the community board at the tavern, which is where Tucker finds the posting. He’s been looking for a boy for a while, since he trained to be a Daddy after outgrowing his own boy role.

Tucker was never going to fire Joey, but he thought his virtual assistant was considerably older, as Joey’s “mother” was 80 when she died. When Tucker meets the high standards of Joey’s friends, they’re both a bit gobsmacked to find themselves matched. Tucker wants to try with Joey, once Joey explains his reticence to returning to work for Tucker after his long absence (bereavement + hospitalization). Tucker’s as gentle as advertised, though, and he helps Joey see his needs and accept them.

This story is sweet and a little steamy. I liked how Tucker was able to assist Joey in getting over some sexual hang ups he thought could be deal breakers.

The audiobook was also good. I liked the pacing and tone of the narrator, Shawn K. Jain, who carried both POV voices with different inflections. I was especially impressed with the group scenes when Joey’s at the tavern and all the other boys are chiming in about the Daddy search. I could really feel Joey’s energy and excitement, as well as Tucker’s calm, steady influence. I definitely enjoyed this as an audiobook and felt like it was a great start to a Daddy series.

Expect characters that have enough backstory to seem real, and challenges that are overcome with grit, communication, and allies. I’d definitely check out more stories in this series.