Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story


It was a simple misunderstanding. When the Khuzoid said they wanted a seed exchange between their planet and the pan-galactic organization, TIOD, they weren’t talking about plants. Now it’s up to Captain Abram Adoyo to — in public, before a delegation of Khuzoids and his own bridge crew – … er, produce some seed for the exchange. Did I mention it’s in public?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Abe is going to be getting a hand from his first officer, Mattys Kriel, as part of the ritual.

This is a cute short story, previously published in Binary Stars: Constellations #1. It also packs quite a bit of world building into a very short amount of pages, and has some very human and very charming banter between Abe and his first officer:

Entirely against his will, Abe imagined Mattys’s lovely dick emitting a Megaloid mating cry and let out a giggle.

Immediately, he clapped a hand over his mouth and looked up at Mattys, eyes wide. “Oh fuck me, I’m so sorry,” he said, words muffled by his hand. “I’m nervous and you have a really nice dick and I think it broke my brain.”

This is very much worth the read.