Today I am so pleased to welcome Vawn Cassidy to Joyfully Jay. Vawn has come to talk to us about her latest release, Dead Serious #4: Professor Prometheus Plume. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

“Merry Christmas!” I say brightly. 

He looks at the tray in my hands and rubs his eyes before shuffling up the bed and tucking his pillows behind him. 

“You didn’t have to do that,” he says, his voice all kinds of rumbly and delicious. 

“I know, but I wanted to.” I climb onto the bed and set the tray in his lap. Leaning over, I peck a kiss on his lips. 

As I pull back, he smiles and says, “Merry Christmas.” 

I wink at him, snagging a piece of toast from the piled plate and then picking up my mug of tea. “Sorry I flaked out on you last night,” I mumble around a mouthful of food. 

“You’re so sexy.” 

I snort as I laugh and almost end up inhaling toast crumbs up my nose. Coughing slightly, I swallow and gulp my tea, which, fortunately for me, has cooled a bit. 

Danny picks his coffee up and takes a much slower, infinitely more civilised sip. “It’s okay,” he says in answer to my earlier statement. “You were practically dead on your feet before you even made it to the sofa. I’m surprised you stayed awake long enough to chew your food.” 

“Were you up very late?” I ask, edging my way towards bringing up what’s bothering him. 

He shrugs and picks up a piece of toast. “Not particularly late. I cuddled your deadweight on the sofa until my arms went numb.” 

“Hey!” I protest, shoving him lightly and making him laugh. 

“Once I regained the feeling in my arms, I took you to bed and found Jacob Marley in the hallway doing advanced recon.” 

My brows raise questioningly. “He was hiding behind that giant potted cheese plant Madam Viv gave us and staring at the kitchen door. Fortunately, he still hasn’t figured out the new door handles like he did in your old flat, but I think it’s only a matter of time. Once I got you settled, I went to hide Bernard before Jacob Marley could take him out.” 


“I thought so—otherwise, it would be back to McDonald’s for Christmas dinner again.” He shakes his head.

 “Well, we definitely don’t want that,” I agree, finishing the rest of my toast and washing it down with the lukewarm tea. “Mmmm,” I hum. 

“I’m too warm and comfy to move.” Danny takes another appreciative sip of his coffee and grabs a slice of toast. “You wanna do presents here?” 

“Uh, does the temperature of a body drop approximately one point five degrees an hour during Algor Mortis?” 

Danny snorts. “I have no idea, but I’m going to take that as a yes.” 


Dead serious case 4: professor prometheus plume coverCrawshanks Guide to the Recently Departed, Book 4

Inspector Danny Hayes has something very important to ask his boyfriend Tristan Everett. Over the past six months they’ve survived reapers, chaos monsters, and biblical storms, not to mention averting an apocalypse. So, what’s left to do but pop the big question?

Tristan is ready for a break from world-saving, spectral crises, and most definitely from ghosts. He wants some one-on-one time with his boyfriend, preferably horizontally. So when the incredibly thoughtful aforementioned boyfriend books a romantic New Year’s getaway at a quiet little hotel in the wilds of the north yorkshire moors and away from London, Tristan can’t wait.

But as usual nothing ever goes according to plan. Snowed in during an unexpected murder mystery weekend at what turns out to be one of the most haunted hotels in Northern England is not what they had in mind, and when one of the actors turns up really dead not just fake dead, they once again find themselves caught up in another investigation.

With only one night to figure out who the killer is while wrangling a multitude of overly helpful ghosts, Tristan begins to wonder if romance really is dead…


vawn cassidy logoVawn Cassidy is an MM author living in the UK. She’s often known for her world building skills and sense of humour. She loves to write in different genres and has penned contemporary romance, paranormal mystery/romance and dark historical with a supernatural twist.


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