Today I am so pleased to welcome Alex Stargazer to Joyfully Jay. Alex has come to talk to us about their latest release, The Sceptre of Fire. Alex has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

An unlikely love affair

They left the camp, and as they did, the Master allowed his hood to fall down. Scrawny blinked. The Master possessed an aquiline nose set in a noble face, deep blue eyes, and straight, dark hair. He was just as beautiful as Scrawny had imagined.

“Master, your hood—”

Yes. Let’s leave the theatrics aside for a moment and speak face-to-face, like men.

“Why do you wear it?” Scrawny asked, unable to contain his curiosity.

Because it lends an air of mystery that suits my purposes well. Also, it conceals my identity from our enemies.

That seemed logical enough.

“So what do you want me to do?”

You see, it is not sufficient to tame one or two crows. I need them to scour the continent, to inform me of every troop movement, every important event.

“But I don’t know if I can communicate with that many crows at a time.”

You misunderstand. I will mass hypnotise the crows; you just need to call them over.

“I’m not sure if I can do that. I’ve never done it before.”

I suspected that your control over your abilities is limited. So we will have to improvise, and I will teach you.

“Teach me? How?”

Take my hand.

Scrawny had never touched a human outside of battle. He had never even dreamed he would be touching the Master himself, of all people. The sorcerer had very fine, elegant hands, so unlike his big grubby ones. When their hands met, Scrawny was surprised to find that the sorcerer’s hands were very soft. No orc had such soft hands, not even the women.

Involuntarily, Scrawny found himself half-hard, and he hoped that the Master did not notice. The sorcerer showed no outward sign of noticing, but somehow, Scrawny just knew that he knew, and that the sorcerer found it terribly amusing.

The touch brought about a connection. Scrawny almost jumped back, so surprised was he. He had never experienced anything like it: he could feel the sorcerer’s mind, and he also felt things through his senses.

Scrawny had the sensation of energy, something cold, like ice, and charged, like lightning. The world seemed subtly altered. He could feel currents of magic around him and within him.


sceptre of fire coverThe Magical Instruments, Book 1

The Sceptre of Fire is an old school fantasy romp: it’s got elves, dwarves, orcs, necromancers, and a campy mage. But there’s a twist—a pretty big one. The orcs? They’re not really the bad guys. The necromancer? Yeah, he’s got history. And the knights in shining armour aren’t always noble…

The necromancer was once a pretty decent guy: he killed pirates on the high seas and did his duty as an Empire subject. But he loved another man, and for that, he had to be punished. Now driven by an insatiable thirst for revenge, he has turned to dark magic—and enlisted the help of orcs. The orcs have their own, very good reasons to hate the Empire. Driven out from the Empire lands and into a freezing, inhospitable land, the orcs know that hunger is a stronger motivator than most.

Opposing him are Radu, a mad mage with a penchant for boys and fashion, along with Haraldur—a talented dwarven mage smith. At first they care little for a distant conflict, but things escalate once the necromancer, in desperation, makes a pact with an ancient entity…


Alex Stargazer – writer since age 14 (yes, really). Writes by night, daylights as a data scientist. #ownvoices

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