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“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  – Lord Acton

Throughout human—and probably werewolf—history, there are plenty of examples of those who have seized power and intentionally used it to harm and control others. Some of these people were leaders; some are simply people who live lives in which they claim unwarranted power over others.

In my werewolf universe, depicted primarily in my Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat series, there are several examples of leaders who have claimed control of packs, regions, and even the United States for the purposes of exerting power over others. That may not have been their original intention, but once they gained power, it became a weapon for them. Used for their own benefit, but not for the benefit of those under their rule.

Tobias Rogan, the main character and narrator of Tempeh for Two (Real Werewolves Don’t Eat Meat 5) has seen the harm power can cause when wielded over others. From his pre-werewolf life as the oldest child of an abusive father, to his traumatic change at the hands of someone he trusted who overpowered him, to what he witnessed within the werewolf world, Tobias knows that power over others can bring harm. He made up his mind as a teen that he didn’t want power over anyone but himself, because he didn’t trust himself not to abuse power as he’d seen others do.

Despite that intention, Tobias became a leader. Before his eighteenth birthday, he was solicited to challenge the Alpha of a small pack in Boston, Massachusetts. That Alpha, Alexander Soares, had slipped into dementia, and in that state had begun abusing his power and his pack. Alexander’s Beta, who benefited from the Alpha’s behavior, refused to challenge. Tobias was selected by neighboring alphas as the wolf who was most likely to be able to defeat Alexander—and least likely to be missed if he lost.

Tobias didn’t want to be Alpha, but he agreed to challenge Alexander for the sake of the members of the pack. When he won, he found himself thrust into the role of Alpha of Boston North Pack while still legally a child, in a world whose laws prohibit changing anyone under the age of eighteen. And somehow, he pulled it off, earning the respect, if not the liking, of his pack members, and learning through trial by fire how to run a pack.

Tobias would have been perfectly happy living out his life as the Alpha of the smallest pack in the United States. A pack so small that for most of Tobias’s rule, it wasn’t even officially recognized as autonomous but rather was considered a subset of the larger pack that neighbored it. Although Tobias was considered an Alpha, officially he simply managed a group of wolves under the auspices of another Alpha. He was content with that. He didn’t want to rule, and if he had to, he was fine with having authority over fewer than a dozen werewolves.

But the Universe apparently had other ideas…

In the previous book of the series, Try the Tofu, Tobias found himself having to choose between his quiet life as Alpha of Boston North Pack and taking over the role of Arkhon (leader) of the Northeast Region to protect the wolves of the region, including his own pack.

Now, in Tempeh for Two, Tobias is faced with an even greater choice: continue a relatively quiet life or challenge Hezekiah Wheelwright, Anax of the United States, for the rank of leader of all American werewolves. As with Alexander Soares, Hezekiah has slipped into dementia and is harming the wolves under his rule. As with Alexander, no one else is willing to challenge Hezekiah.

And, as with Alexander, Tobias might be the only werewolf in the country powerful enough to defeat Hezekiah and take the rank.

Tobias doesn’t want to lead. He doesn’t want to hold power over others. But in Tempeh for Two, he may not have a choice.


tempeh for two coverTobias Rogan never wanted to be a leader. But in the past several months, he’s gone from a quiet life as Alpha of the smallest pack in the United States to ruling the entire Northeast Region. With his mate, Kyle Slidell, by his side, Tobias is adjusting to his new normal.

But now, with the future of the entire werewolf world at stake, Tobias must step further out of his comfort zone. The Anax, ruler of all werewolves in the United States, is no longer competent to rule. Only Tobias is dominant enough to defeat the Anax. And when Kyle’s life hangs in the balance, Tobias must choose: Challenge the Anax to claim the rank, or allow the Anax to declare war.

Warnings: Mentions past child abuse and sexual assault; depicts PTSD; some homophobia.

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karenna colcroftKarenna Colcroft lives just north of Boston, Massachusetts, and has been in love with the city since childhood, though she has yet to encounter any werewolves, vampires, or other paranormal beings in her travels. At least none that she knows of.

Karenna is a polyamorous, nonbinary human who splits time between the home she shares with her husband and the one she shares with her committed partner. She also has two adult children and three “bonus” kids, four grandchildren, and two and a half cats. (Half in terms of time the cat lives with her, not in terms of the cat itself…)


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