joyfully jay badgeAs we start off our new year of 2024, I thought it would be fun to look back on some of the trends and numbers here on the blog from 2023. Some of these really surprised me, particularly the distribution of genres!

Before I go too far, however, I want to give a huge thanks to all those who help make any of this possible. Blogging is basically my part-time job and it takes a village, both in time and resources, to make it all happen. First, I want to acknowledge all the authors, publishers, PAs, and marketing groups that reach out to share news about new books and make them available to us to read and review. We are super fortunate to have an embarrassment of riches in terms of wonderful books offered to us and I so appreciate it. I also want to give a special shout out to the folks that advertise with Joyfully Jay, as their support truly keeps the lights on here. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes costs associated with a blog of this size and I couldn’t do it without my advertisers. I also want to thank all the readers who stop by the blog every day. Whether you have been with me since the start, or just found us recently, I so appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit the blog. And, of course, a huge thank you to my fabulous team of reviewers, without whom I wouldn’t have a blog of nearly this size or longevity. Please join me in thanking Michelle, Kris, Veronica, Elizabeth, Jovan, Camille, and Sue for taking time to share their thoughts on so many books with us!

Now, here are some fun facts and numbers about the blog and what we reviewed in 2023!

2023 By the Numbers
  • 1,045 total posts
  • 42 five-star reviews (see them all here)
  • 210 giveaways
  • 200 book reviews from Jay
  • Busiest month: November
  • Month with most posts: March (96)
  • Country with most visitors: US
Reviews by Genre
  • 515 Contemporary reviews
  • 195 Paranormal reviews
  • 101 Fantasy reviews
  • 82 Futuristic/Science Fiction reviews
  • 73 Historical reviews
  • 40 Menage/Polyamory reviews
  • 17 Young Adult reviews
  • 2 Non-Fiction reviews

Note: You can always see all our reviews in any of these genres by going to Reviews/By Genre in the red menu bar

Reviews with the Most Visitors

Our reviews of the Heaven Official’s Blessing series by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu took 7 of the top 10 spots! That series has a huge following and much thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her reviews.

Aside from that, Sierra Simone had by far the most traffic for reviews of her books! If I took out the HOB series, she had at least half of the top ten in terms of traffic!

And now some “All Time” statistics…

Top 10 All Time Most Frequently Reviewed Themes

  1. Law enforcement
  2. Friends-to-lovers
  3. Shifters
  4. Coming out
  5. Magic
  6. Age gap
  7. Mystery
  8. Virgin
  9. Wealthy character
  10. Enemies-to-lovers

(Follow the links to see all books with that trope)

Top 10 All Time Most Frequently Reviewed (or Featured) Authors

  1. Charlie Cochet
  2. L.A. Witt
  3. R.J. Scott
  4. Keira Andrews
  5. Lisa Henry
  6. N.R. Walker
  7. Garrett Leigh
  8. Annabeth Albert
  9. Heidi Cullinan
  10. Leta Blake

(Follow the links to see all reviews for that author)

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