Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Oliver, Crown Prince of Bellemare doesn’t want to be the royal heir. It’s not that he minds the duties or resents the position, it’s just that even though his father died some years ago, Oliver would give anything to have him back. Accepting his power as heir feels a little like accepting his father’s loss. Fortunately, Oliver has his fairy, Tir, at his side. Tir is a young prince of the Fairy realm bordering Bellemare who just … showed up one day and ended up all but adopted by the royal family of Bellemare. He’s Oliver’s first and best friend, his alibi for every crime, his companion in every scheme, his tutor, his shoulder to lean on, and his keeper of secrets. Where Oliver is, there is Tir. The two of them are inseparable.

So, when it’s time for Oliver to take the family Quest, to find a magical pool and in it see a reflection of his one true love, it’s of course Tir who is going with him. After all, who can expect Oliver to find a magic pool on his own? He can barely remember to pack extra socks!

This is a revised and expanded version of A Prophecy for Two, also including a bonus short story, The Physician and the Fairy Lord. It’s a charming fantasy about two people who have known each other almost all their lives and taken one another for granted. Well, that’s mostly Oliver.

For Oliver, Tir is as much a part of him as the air he breathes, the clothes he wears, or the heat of a fire in winter. He can’t imagine life without him. Even in thinking of Tir, there’s this benign possessiveness of his fairy. But it isn’t until Tir is gone from his life that Oliver realizes just how much he took Tir for granted, how much he never said because … how do you tell the other half of you that you love them? How do you tell your heart, beating in your chest, how much it means to you?

Tir left home at a very young age with no idea what the human world was like, only to fall in love with it, with the family who took him in, and Oliver who became his world. Tir’s shoulders bear the weight of a prophecy he’s not able to speak, but it’s one that eats at him almost as much as this journey to the magical pool. Because Oliver will see the fate of his destined one, and Tir will have to let him go. Everyone but Oliver knows that Tir is desperately in love with him, for all that he’s never said or done anything about it, choosing to be fatalistic rather than hopeful.

Really, they’re both fools. Fortunately for them, this is a romance with a happily ever after wrapped in sprinkles and frosting. This is a story made of sugar and sweet enough to melt your teeth, and I had a fun time reading it. If you’re in need of a bit of dessert, try this book. The short story is also cute, following the castle doctor and Tir’s cousin.