Rating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel


An injury cut Guillaume’s ballet career short, and now forces him to the sidelines at the ball. But that’s exactly the place he needs to be to meet Leo, Prince of Terengia. The two men hit it off immediately, and though Guillaume is sure Leo is flirting, he’s just as sure that Leo is straight. At least, according to all the gossip columns.

Leo is in his forties, so he’s shocked when he starts questioning his sexuality. But there’s no denying the instant connection he feels with Guillaume, and there’s no denying that none of his previous relationships have worked out. After a week of texting, he decides to see Guillaume again. And when the two men meet, Leo sees the truth. Not only is he gay, but Guillaume is the one for him.

The two men begin dating and exploring each other, but Leo is the brother of the king and he needs to be discreet. Coming out to the world is a big deal, but their secret is revealed and Leo is outed. The two men know they are not only in love, but that they are each other’s forever. Now, it’s just figuring out how to navigate the publicity and find their happily ever after.

This book is a mixed bag for me. The premise is super cute, and there’s a lot of happy, fluffy love to go around. But the narrative style didn’t work well for me, and that worked against the story, in my opinion.

Despite Terengia sounding vaguely like it belongs in a fantasy novel, this story is wholly contemporary. Terengia is a created island in the North Sea, a progressive monarchy that mimics Britan. Leo is the current king’s brother, fifth in line for the throne, and he knows his duty. I did really enjoy that Leo had no reservations about being gay, it was more that he just didn’t realize it about himself. It highlighted that everyone’s journey is individual and that sometimes it’s unexpected, as the title states.

I did like both the MCs. Their connection is instant, and though it’s a little too intense right from the start, it’s easy to go with in fiction. Leo accepts himself pretty easily, but it’s understandable why he wants to not only keep it to himself, but why he has reservations about coming out. Guillaume has been out his entire life, but he’s very understanding when it comes to Leo. To be honest, their relationship is almost too easy, but I enjoy that in my romances from time to time. This was a story about two men meeting at exactly the right time and falling in love.

That being said, I would have liked to see a bit more development between them. Their connection is instant, and the author doesn’t build too much on that. They talk about the conversations they have, but I would have liked to see them as well, as that would have connected me more to their romance. Their relationship is very physical when they take that step, and those scenes are shown, but I was missing the conversations in between. Two weeks into the relationship, they’re already in love. For me, that leap was a bit much, as I didn’t see that depth so soon.

The story is told in first person present, and that’s not my favorite tense. It’s also told in alternating POV, which I do enjoy. But for me, it hopped back and forth too quickly between the two, nearly every scene when they are together having both perspectives multiple times. While the delineation is clear, and the characters do have distinct voices, the back and forth was too much for me and didn’t work as well as I think the author would have liked. While some readers will enjoy this, I found it a bit chaotic, and it pulled me from the story. I felt as though I was barely getting into one character’s head and mindset before we were jumping to the other.

All in all, this story was just okay for me. There were parts I really enjoyed, such as the MCs and the ease these two men found love with each other. But on the other hand, the narrative style didn’t work as well for me and that, plus the lack of deep conversation, kept me from really engaging in the story.