Rating: 2.75 stars
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Length: Novel


Craig is a Submissive from years back when the process that makes super soldiers wasn’t as developed. However, they did have the ability to put people into cryosleep so they could be woken up in the future. Craig is awakened into this new world just in time for his heat cycle, and he wants nothing more than for a Dominant man to claim him for his own. Fortunately, the army has one on hand and Sam, who falls in love with the unconscious Craig at first sight, is willing to take him on.

For me, this is a book in two parts. The first is the story of Sam and Craig, two soldiers living in a world of man-made Dominants and Submissives. It’s a world where Dominants need to dominate or they go mad, have inhuman dicks with knots and barbs, and are genetically engineered for aggression and physical prowess. It’s also a world with a lot of rape. While some of it may be framed as consensual non-consent, given the biological component, I can’t see how the Submissives are actually able to consent in any aspect.

The plot of Sam and Craig coming together and finding love didn’t do it for me. Their interactions in the story are shaded by Craig’s heat, his biological need to be fucked or go mad, and Sam’s heat and his need to fuck or go mad. They talk about sex, they think about sex, there’s a lot of reassurance on Sam’s part and begging on Craig’s, but no character development or even a relationship. When the fucking is done, the two men are pulled apart and Craig learns a little about Sam from one of Sam’s friends … well, he learns that Sam’s dick can do even more wild and wonderful things. They fuck some more, and that’s the end of the story. Now, a book being nothing but sex is fine. A book that focuses on submission and the joy it is to serve, to be taken care of, or to find love and acceptance through submission is also fine. And, for what it’s worth, the sex scenes were fine, but Craig doesn’t feel like a character. He feels like — forgive the crudeness — a hole waiting to be filled. He’s insecurity that needs constant reassurance, he’s in heat and needs to be fucked, he’s a boy who needs a daddy to tell him he loves him, but he doesn’t really feel like a person.

Sam is a Dominant who doesn’t mind being nice to Submissives, but wants one that wants him and only him. He wants sex to be emotional and purposeful, he wants a Submissive who will come live with him and be his forever … and this is where I start having personal issues with the book, because the rape culture begins to show it’s very ugly head.

The creation of this world is designed to have Dominants be the kings and Submissives to be the boys on their knees, but adding in the military culture and genetic engineering, you have men who do not want to be Submissives made into Submissives against their will. A Submissive, for all that they are less common than Dominant soldiers, aren’t seen as equal. Their words aren’t listened to, and their protests against a Dominant hurting them or abusing them during their heat are brushed aside. After all, if they’re in heat, they’re willing, regardless of what they say outside of it. Because there are fewer Submissives than there are Dominants, they’re not encouraged to bond with one man, but to be made ready — often tied down, their heats started with drugs, and rendered unable to consent — for a quick fuck by a Dominant soldier and then they carry on with their lives.

Sam is dismissive of Submissives and their needs … unless it’s Craig, who he falls in love with while he’s unconscious and not able to viewed as a person, but instead a potential, an ideal Sam can manipulate him into — though to Sam’s credit, he is very aware of Craig’s fragile mental state and while he does take advantage of him, he also shows willingness to stop if Craig wants or needs him to; a willingness that is never put to the test because Craig just wants to be fucked and will take the pain if it means it’s a Dominant giving it to him.

According to Sam, small dicks (Craig is four inches) obviously can’t give their partner pleasure so It’s a good thing Craig isn’t expected to mount because it would leave any partner he had very unsatisfied. He also shows how much less a Submissive is than a Dominant, for all that they want to be treated as equals to their fellow soldiers, all they are — during their heats — are mindless creatures who needs their hole filled. Oh yes, and blowjobs are also framed as demeaning, an act a Dominant can give a Submissive at the end of the cycle in an effort to give the Submissive some of their power back. Dominants can also gain what is, in effect, power of attorney over a Submissive, given the authority to make decisions if the Submissive is incapacitated.

Sex in this world feels more about power than it is about pleasure, and while that may appeal to other readers, the way it’s expressed in this book does not appeal to me. While the writing is fine, and the world building — for all that I didn’t like it — is well expressed and put together, I didn’t like this book. I didn’t enjoy reading it, and have no interest in continuing the series. However, if this book sounds like something you’d enjoy and choose to try reading, I do hope you have fun with it!