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Enter the Multi-Vers is the fourth book in C. Rochelle’s Villainous Things series and the books should be read in order. This story includes plot points from earlier books, so both the book and this review will have some spoilers for prior books in the series. Check out my review for book one, Not All Himbos Wear Capes, to get started with this dark and fun superhero series.

Andre and Gabriel Suarez, the twin supes known as Shock and Awe, have been incredibly close their entire lives. The twins share the power to get inside someone’s brain and extract the information they need — or to melt that brain instead. They also use their abilities to open their own minds to one another, and the men are used to sharing everything. Now that they have finished art school, the twins have been given a mission by their brother, Wolfgang. They are posing as new interns for Theo Coatl, an eccentric artists who has secrets the Suarez family wants to uncover, including whether Theo could be Simon’s father.

The job seems pretty straightforward until it becomes clear that Gabriel and Theo are interested in one another. Andre figures his brother can be the lure to allow them to get close enough to get into Theo’s brain and dig for information. What neither man expects is that Gabriel will fall so hard for Theo… or that Andre will be interested in Theo as well. Theo is a kinky brat whose dominance appeals to Gabriel’s newly discovered interest in submission, and on whom Andre is dying to let out his hard core dominant side. Meanwhile, Theo has no idea that the twins are even supes, let alone such lethal ones, and he is eager for the chance to play with them as well.

Both sides are looking for advantage, but neither expects that emotions will get involved. However, it doesn’t take long before all the men realize that they want something more from each other, something lasting. But Andre and Gabriel have commitments to their family, ones that don’t allow for a future with the enemy. And Theo has been pursuing his own agenda, one that puts him directly against the Suarez interests. Now, the men have to figure out a way that their goals can align and find a way for the three of them to have a future together.

Enter the Multi-Vers gives us the story of the last of the Suarez brothers and ties up the main series arc. It also overlaps in timeline with Putting Out for a Hero, showing us what’s happening with the twins while Baltasar and Zion’s story is ongoing. It gives us a chance to see some key events from another point of view and brings us answers to a lot of the questions that have been brewing across the books. We know something is up with Theo from prior stories, and here the twins are sent to uncover the truth. There is a cat and mouse element here, as neither Theo nor the twins fully realize the power of the other party. So each feels like they have the upper hand, only to realize there is a lot more going on. It makes this story is nice and twisty and brings together a lot of plot points from across the series.

I have been interested in the Gabriel and Andre all along, as we have seen them sort of in the background of the other books, but not as prominent as the other Suarezes. I found them really interesting characters and Rochelle does a nice job highlighting this intense bond the men have with one another. They are emotionally interconnected and generally keep their minds and emotions open to one another. They can not only talk telepathically, but they can see into each other’s mind and experience each other’s feelings. While they have the same abilities, the men are very different in personality, and we get to explore that here and see how they each interact differently with Theo. Andre has always been a Dom, but he can’t let out the full strength of his desires with fragile humans. So he knows what he wants, but hasn’t been able to find it until he meets Theo, who can physically take everything Andre can dish out. Gabriel, on the other hand, is having a sub awakening, realizing what he wants and taking a chance to reach for it. And it doesn’t take long for him to realize the person he wants to experience all this with is Theo. All these books have a lot of dark elements, but this one is a little more intense with the kink, as these supe bodies can take a lot.

Just to clarify, I’d describe this as a poly relationship in that the guys consider themselves a triad and are involved in a three-way partnership. This isn’t an incest story, as the twins do not have sexual contact with each other and are not romantically connected. However, it is pretty much right up to that line, as the men are incredibly emotionally connected, share Theo as a sexual partner (including being in bed together), and sometimes “listen in” to each other’s thoughts during sex. So I think if you are into the twin kink, you will be satisfied here with how it plays out. However, if the idea of two brothers having any type of sexual intimacy isn’t your thing, this one may be a bit too close for comfort. Personally, I like how the twins interact and I feel like their relationship with Theo feels very organic to the nature of their dynamic with one another.

Overall, I feel like this story does a nice job of tying the series together and closing out some key plot points. The pacing of the revelations comes more toward the end, with the earlier part more focused on the relationship development. So I did find that the information comes a little fast and furious at once. But I think Rochelle has pulled it all together nicely and this was a great way to round out the main storyline. There is apparently a fifth book in the works set at Butch and Xander’s wedding and featuring a variety of POVs, as well as multiple spin-off stories. So there is lots more to come for this world and I’m looking forward to following along.

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