Story Rating: 3.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4 stars

Narrator: Kirt Graves
Length: 6 hours, 12 minutes

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Jagmarith is bored. While he may be the second son of Bolor’gath and a Champion of the Blood Wars, there actually isn’t that much excitement to be had when hell is at peace. There’s training, sword sharpening, polishing, and sitting. Waiting. Eating, sometimes. And then, with neither warning nor even a polite request, Jagmarith finds himself summoned to the human world by a very confused human.

Humans are, on the whole, rather unattractive. They have no horns, they’re small in stature, and the one in front of Jag makes small squeaking sounds of panic and confusion when he’s yelled at. The yellow hair is nice, though. And the green eyes are … moderately attractive. Ethan, the human who seems to have summoned Jag, has no idea how he summoned him, has no idea about the rules or the respect owed to a demon of Jag’s stature — both in height and rank.

Ethan summoned Jagmarith because of his ex fiancee, who unceremoniously dumped him:

“I don’t want him dead or hurt. I just want to make him jealous.”

“Jealous … that you have skin and he doesn’t?” Sami asked, confused.

“No, I think he means jealous that Ethan still has eyes,” Jag corrected.

Jag is going to do his best to please his sun-haired human, because it’s the only way to end the summoning. Until he falls in love with Ethan and realizes he has no desire to return to hell. He and Ethan are in love — or, at the very least, a whole lot of lust.

Then the frogs come.

This is a book that puts the comedy in romcom, and if you connect with the book’s sense of humor, you’re going to have a fun time. It’s a fast, shallow puddle of a book featuring two stories, Demon All the Way, which takes place during Christmas (and was previously released as a holiday free book), and Ethan & Jag Destroy the World, which takes place during Halloween. The world building is there, but the focus is on the instant attraction and bone-melting sex between the two characters.

The framing of the book is interesting, with the story told from Jag’s point of view. He’s never been to Earth and has no real interest in humans, for all that his familiar adores them and their oddities, so the whole thing is a shock to him. Snow is frightening, people are strange, and Halloween decorations get everything wrong. What I appreciate is Jag’s dislike of the human form, and then slight dysmorphia as he takes on a human skin disguise, adding a layer of reality to the odd couple pairing. And the fact that, when it’s revealed Ethan has had a past love life, Jag is more interested in hearing about it than being upset or possessive about it.

Ethan is reckless, bold, and foolhardy. He’s also more than able to take care of himself, sucking it up and dealing with the fact that he summoned a demon. He’s not rude, though he does get excited by the tail, and is eager to get to know Jag. However, much of their relationship, beyond the meet cute, takes place in the nine months between stories rather than the pages within the book. Still, Ethan seems like a fun guy.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Kirt Graves, who had nice timing for the comedy beats and managed to distinguish the voices — female and familiar — clearly. I could easily tell who was who. Graves had a nice rhythm to the storytelling and I can easily see picking up more books with him as the narrator.

I sped through this in one sitting and I do recommend it if you want some silly, zany shenanigans and a human with an interest in tails, two-tongued demons, and a cheerful familiar. However, there’s not much character development, world building, or plot. It is what it is, which is fun.

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