Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


Jack loathes his job as a stripper, but he has no intention of being homeless again. Halloween is a different night altogether, where the owner lets the patrons touch Jack and get rowdy. Jack feels he’ll find a way to push through, he always does, but he then puts Lark, another stripper, in danger. Jack hasn’t wanted to admit the way he feels when Lark looks at him, but Jack knows that there are no happy endings for guys like him. When Jack sets out to warn Lark, he knows he’ll sacrifice to keep Lark safe. However, it turns out that Lark is not at all who Jack thought he was, which sends Jack on another mission to uncover the truth.

This is Jack and Lark’s story in a new novella from Suki Fleet and their relationship is new to this book. Jack was a secondary character in Fleet’s book, Foxes, which was released in 2016. Foxes was a heavy and intricate story and, while I do remember Jack, it has been too long for me to remember everything about him. This book picks up after Foxes and has somewhat of an expectation that the reader will know where Jack has come from. Given that, while I don’t think you fully have to go back and read Foxes, if you haven’t, it might feel that you are coming into the middle of a story.

Jack hates his job as a stripper and especially on Halloween when the club owner lets the crowd get wild. Jack can’t acknowledge how he feels when he looks at Lark because he doesn’t feel worthy of anything. He feels trapped by his job and trapped by life and his past and, while he wants something better, he can’t do it all on his own and needs some help. But when Lark is in danger, Jack sets off into the night to warn him. Jack thinks he has Lark figured out, but Lark isn’t at all what he seems.

The story then moves to Lark and what is happening with him. I was already invested in Jack, enough to find out more about Lark. I can’t say that the reveal of his story fully held together for me, but to see Jack and Lark get their HEA at the end was the highlight. I am always ready to read anything Fleet writes and if you did read Foxes and are intrigued about seeing Jack again, then pick this one up.