Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella


Home for the Howlidays is the third book in the Kings: Treemendous Christmas series and best enjoyed when read in order. Each book centers on an established couple from the Four Kings Security universe as their relationship grows during an extended Christmas holiday. This story features Gio and Joker from Sleight of Hand.

Gio Galanos is a billionaire philanthropist who’s settled from his globetrotting days into St. Augustine, Florida to be near to his younger brother, Laz, and best friend Colton. Gio has a serious relationship with Sacha “Joker” Wilder, one of the co-owners in Four Kings Security. They’re rock solid as a couple, but Joker’s often insecure that such a worldly and wealthy man as Gio will stay attracted to him, a retired Green Beret with physical and mental scars. He wants to marry Gio, but he’s afraid Gio won’t find him worthy.

Gio’s got a medical condition that’s managed with medication He’s helped by Joker’s discipline and his support dog, Cookie, a pal to Joker’s trained K-9, Chip. They are all on the Winterhaven trip to celebrate a long Christmas holiday with their found family of friends and boyfriends, when Joker’s injured. Joker’s never an actual “joker,” but a leg cast makes him extra surly. And, when Gio’s former girlfriend arrives with a cohort of Gio’s steady volunteers for a well-deserved vacation that’s also bringing much needed tourism into Winterhaven’s on-again Christmas festivities, Joker’s sure she’s planning to win Gio back.

There’s so much banter and fun in this one, as Ace and Joker razz one another. Gio’s condition isn’t a huge focal point, but it certainly affects him in a critical moment, demonstrating just how valuable Joker is to Gio. Not that Gio ever considered Joker anything less than amazing. I loved how these men deal with frustration, and how they can center each other with the right gestures. Joker’s definitely all-in on Gio, and it seems he’s finally believing Gio’s all-in on him, too. Expect a lot of loving and slightly dominating sexytimes as these guys manage all sorts of acrobatic events with Joker in that cast. Their resolution to spend quality time traveling is sure to bring adventure to Joker and Gio, and likely to speed up those nuptials.

As the third book in this novella series, it takes us all the way up to Leo’s big Christmas Eve surprise. I was pleased that my suspicions were confirmed, but frustrated that I needed ONE MORE BOOK to get to the bottom of everything. Well, that’s just my own reader-greed talking, anyway; I’d read ten more books in this universe. Just know that we have so many happy endings on this holiday that no one’s going home with lube to spare.