Rating: 3 stars
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Length: Novel


Jules is one of the most decorated and recognizable faces in the NHL. He’s captain of the team and his teammates respect him and look up to him. Jules’ life is hockey and he’s afraid to jeopardize it by coming out. Jules has another secret and sometimes anonymous hookups, which is what leads him to the private room in the club that can give him the Daddy that he craves. But Jules craves more than one night, he longs for a family, and meeting Sterling gives him hope. Until Sterling ghosts him and then even Jules’ hockey game starts to spiral down.

It’s two years later and Sterling knows he messed up with Jules. He wanted to contact him, but when a family tragedy rearranged Sterling’s life, he couldn’t balance that and a new relationship. Sterling is a recognizable singer and he needs to keep his life private. But now that he’s going to be performing in Las Vegas regularly and that’s where Jules lives, Sterling is determined to get his boy back. But Jules is not as open to a relationship with Sterling as he was before and Sterling will have to repair what was broken to prepare them for the future they both want.

An athlete and a musician pairing is the type of book I gravitate toward, but I found much of this book lacking for my tastes. There is a lot added in and not all of the plot lines are well developed or fully realized at the end of the story. The most developed is Jules and his hockey career. We spend the most time with him on the ice and learn about his traumatic and abusive childhood. Jules is afraid to come out and, since he has no one to come out for, it’s not a pressing point. However, when the book opens, the team management and some teammates make his life difficult. We are told that Sterling is a famous musician and he comes to Las Vegas for a two-year residency and although he’s wealthy and has a manager, I never got the feeling of who Sterling was either in his personal or professional life.

And that was the theme of the book for me. The reason Sterling stayed away wasn’t to my tastes, a lot of things happened that were overly convenient, and other things were added that were transparent, but then with no full conclusion. The characters each had a lot going on between them, but it all felt piled on with a lack of both character and plot development.

Although the blurb states that this book is Daddy/boy, somehow that didn’t resonate with me when I selected it and that trope is not one I normally choose to read. However, that part of the relationship is not overdone and it mostly consists of Jules and Sterling calling each other Daddy/boy, Jules needing soothing tactics such as thumb sucking in the bedroom, and Sterling wanting to take care of him. If you are looking for a more intense Daddy/boy relationship, this isn’t that, but if you want just a touch of it, then you could look at this story.

This is the first book I have read from this author and it’s a case of this story not being a good fit for me, but it might land better for a different reader.