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Life is good for Blue Billings and his boyfriend, Levi Black. The men are madly in love and happily settled into their lives together. However, things get shaken up when the police come calling, looking for Blue’s help. There is a serial killer hunting in York and the police are hoping that Blue will be able to use his psychic abilities to learn something from the clothing of the person they suspect will be the next victim. While Blue is able to help, the experience is both horrifying and draining for him.

Before they know it, Blue and Levi get caught up far more in the murder case than they would have wanted, as the killer seems to have taken a particular interest in Blue. But as much as Blue knows he needs to be cautious, he also can’t stop himself from trying to help. Blue’s abilities are allowing him to get glimpses of where the killer has their victims and even sense when the killer is near. The victims are also largely from the homeless community, so both Blue and his friend, Will, are able to use their past experiences living on the streets to help. However, when people from Blue’s life start disappearing, it is clear that the situation is escalating. Now, it is going to take all Blue’s skill, plus help from Levi and their friends, to figure out who is behind the murders… before it is too late.

Something Wicked is the third book in Lily Morton’s fabulous Black and Blue series, and this installment was just excellent. The tone of these books is spot on, combining truly scary and sometimes horrifying mysteries with an intense and lovely romance between Blue and Levi. This story has a more traditional murder mystery type of plot than the other two books, but it is no less scary. Blue gets brought into the investigation and soon finds himself right in the middle of it all. His skills come into play in various ways, from “reading” objects to learn more about the owners, to talking to ghostly witnesses, to astral projection that lets him see where the victims are being held. Along with that, we follow along with the investigation as they try to figure out who is behind the murders and how to stop the killer. While I’ll admit that I did guess the killer before their identity was revealed, I still found this one so thrilling, suspenseful, horrifying at times, and truly scary.

What gives the story so much balance is the wonderful relationship between Blue and Levi. By this third book, the men are solidly in love and adoring of one another. In the midst of all the chaos and horror, Blue and Levi are one another’s anchor, always supporting and loving each other. Even as Blue keeps throwing himself into danger, Levi is right there to support him (while reminding him how important it is not to let himself die). The heat between the men is palpable, and there is just a wonderful sense of two people who are perfectly matched and totally in love. It creates such a nice foundation that works well with the more intense storyline.

As always with this series, Morton brings the city of York to life (and as someone who has been lucky enough to visit, I could picture so many of the locations where the book is set). We also reconnect with some side characters, such as Will and Tom, and their support to Blue and Levi, as well as in the case, rounds things out nicely. We can see that the men have a true found family of support.

This series is a bit different from Morton’s usual fare, which tends to the more humorous side, and I love seeing how well the author is able to take on this different genre. I love this series and found this to be a wonderful installment.

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