new coming this weekHi folks! I hope everyone had a good week!

I don’t have much to report this week. I am in full trip planning mode for our upcoming trip to Netherlands/Belgium this spring. We are pretty independent travelers, so we are planning it all ourselves. So I am mired in tour websites and train schedules and trying to figure out what to do when. But I am a planner at heart, so I find it fun. Just finding the free time to sit in front of the computer is the hard part!

I’m also preparing to head out to the Coastal Magic Convention at the end of the month. I can’t believe it is coming up so fast! Coastal is always a fun event and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with reader and author friends.

But, before I get too far, here is what we have planned this week:

  • Buddy Review: Heart2Heart Anthology, Volume 7: Contemporary (Jay, Kris, Michelle)
  • Review: Just Happy to be Here by Naomi Kanakia (Elizabeth)
  • Review: The Evening Wolves by Gregory Ashe (Michelle)
  • Guest Post: Six by Paulina Ian-Kane

  • Buddy Review: Heart2Heart Anthology, Volume 7: Paranormal (Jay, Kris, Michelle)
  • Review: Infinity Alchemist by Kacen Callendar (Veronica)
  • Guest Post: Jace by N. Boeyer

  • January Favorite Books
  • January Favorite Covers
  • Review: Phoenix King by T.J. Nichols (Jay)
  • Guest Post: Rainbow Readers Cruise with K.M. Neuhold

  • Review: Scandalous Park Avenue Prince by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine (Michelle)
  • Review: Snowed in Vampire Prince by Jay Castle (Veronica)
  • Review: The Sceptre of Fire by Alex Stargazer (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Rich Girl by Jodi Payne

  • Review: The Nerd and the Ex-Con by Sage Abbott (Jay)
  • Review: One by Paulina Ian-Kane (Jovan)
  • Review: Soulmates by Kate Munro (Camille)

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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