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Length: Novel


Good Vibes Only is a collection of short stories from Gregory Ashe’s Iron on Iron series and is not intended to be read on its own. While I read this after reading the entire series, it would also be fun to read the stories after the individual books they are directly connected with. The first four stories have already been available in other places, while the last story, “Good Vibes Only,” is only available here and is set after the last book in the series, The Evening Wolves. Each story is short and a glimpse into the couples and actions that related to their books.

The first story, “All the Feels,” has Jem and Tean babysitting over at John and Emery’s house and, like the title says, it does have all the feels.

“Add Me Back” features Auggie and Theo. Even though Auggie is the youngest of the group, he is starting to feel is age, but realizes he is still needed by the group.

“Adulting is Hard” has North car racing with Colt.

“I Can’t Even” goes off the timeline to a “what if” scenario and examines what could have happened if all of the men stayed in town after The Spoil of Beasts.

“Good Vibes Only” was a highlight for me, as it is set after The Evening Wolves. If you don’t want to know anything about this story, don’t read the official blurb. It features a special occasion for a special couple and brings all the men together in a remarkable found family.

If you have read the Iron on Iron series, this collection really is a must read.