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Length: Novel


Dean Fraser had dreams of being a professional football (soccer) player, but when an injury ended that dream, he had to reevaluate his plan. He also had to reevaluate his long-time relationship with Gaz, for while Dean loved Gaz, Gaz wouldn’t stop cheating on him. Dean has channeled his love for cooking into a new career and his brand of street food fits in perfectly in the area of Essex that he is from. When he is selected to cook at a Michelin-starred restaurant in a castle in the Scottish Highlands, Dean is elated and shocked, but also scared that he will be called out for being the imposter that he feels he is.

Ewan Grant is a successful chef and made a name for himself when he renovated a Scottish castle and created a restaurant that is always full and has a long waiting list. His personal life suffered, though, and now he’s determined to fulfill his late partner’s bucket list, which stems from guilt more than it being his own dream. Ewan is struck at first glance by Dean and knows it’s a huge conflict of interest to get involved with the man. But Dean surprises Ewan during every challenge and Ewan finds himself falling for the younger man. Their fling has to be secret or it could jeopardize everything. But Dean doesn’t know what Ewan’s plans are for after the competition and secrets have a way of coming to light when you least expect it.

The Flying into Love series offers a fun setting of men flying to different locations to find love. I find myself looking forward to the different locations as much as the different romances. This book features Dean, a former professional athlete turned chef, and Ewan, a chef/owner of Michelin-rated property. Ewan puts a call out and, while the contestants think they are competing for a space in Ewan’s kitchen, they are actually competing to take over the kitchen as Ewan steps away from being the head chef.

Dean is from Essex and his food is a whole different vibe than a castle in the Scottish Highlands. As Ewan’s staff was directly involved in selecting the contestants, Ewan is more than a little surprised to see Dean in his kitchen. This isn’t a televised competition, but something that Ewan, as owner, put together. The men are instantly attracted to each other, but they each have their own baggage, not to mention the constraints of the competition that get in the way of them having a proper romance.

Dean was in a long-term relationship and his boyfriend continually cheated on him. They were so entwined in each other’s lives that Dean never knew he had to fully step away. Now, for each step he takes, his ex tries to draw him back in. Ewan was in a long-time committed relationship as well, but it takes a while to learn exactly what happened and that part of the story was a little too drawn out for my tastes. The blurb also states that Ewan wanted to fulfill his ex’s bucket list and that was the catalyst to him stepping down as head chef, but that entire part of the storyline was less clear than I preferred it to be.

Dean was a fun character and I liked his charm and determination. Both characters make mistakes and both characters show growth that move them forward personally, as well as the relationship. The setting and culinary aspects added to the overall charm and this story offers a nice break from reality. The series will continue with the next destination being Greece and I look forward to following more characters as they fly into love.