Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella


Ash has shared an office with Dominic for the past three and a half years. Ash is in marketing and Dominic is the lead coder and star of the company, so Ash has no idea why Dominic stayed in their shared office after the rest of the programmers moved to a higher floor. The men have a snark-filled relationship and Ash is the light in all of the shade that Dominic tries to throw his way.

Everyone thinks that Ash is obsessed with Dominic, and Ash never gave it much thought until Dominic, who knows sign language, signed to him at the office party. Now, Ash is desperate to know what he said. But when Ash finds out, it’s what he will do with that information that could determine his future.

This is a cute and sweet story that could fit perfectly into your schedule when you want to start and then finish a book. Calder does a good job of getting us caught up on Ash and Dominic’s work relationship and all of the little details between them slowly build the foundation for the story.

The book is told mostly through Ash’s POV and it can be questionable how reliable he is as a narrator. But Ash has a some idol worship going on for Dominic due to his programming skills and Dominic’s place in the company they work for and Ash really never gave much thought to the two of them ever being on equal footing. The men verbally spar each and every day and Ash doesn’t even realize how it has become the highlight of his day and how their lives have slowly become intertwined.

I would have liked to get to know Dominic a little more, as he is mostly seen through Ash’s eyes, so we do know Ash much better by the end of the book. Their relationship and HEA comes together nicely in a short number of pages and this is a fun book that is worth the read.