Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella


Miles is out for his daily walk when he finds a locket on the ground. The strange thing is that instead of a picture inside, there’s an inscription that alludes to the fact that if the wearer thinks of a book, they’ll be transported into its pages. While Miles can’t believe that’s true, he can’t stop thinking about it either. While he does search the classified ads for a lost locket, he eventually decides to try the locket out — and is stunned when he gets to spend a day on a cruise with MCs from a favored book.

When Elias realizes his locket is missing, he’s frantic. Pinpointing the time when it must have been taken doesn’t help him find where it is now. It’s a treasured heirloom, passed down from his grandfather, so even more than its amazing ability, it has sentimental value. Not wanting to alert his greedy cousin that’s it’s missing, Eli doesn’t place a “lost” ad, but he searches himself, looking for a found ad. And lo and behold, one shows up.

Miles and Eli meet, and Eli is thrilled to get the locket back. But more than that, he’s intrigued by Miles. Miles feels the same, and the two begin dating. They take it slowly, but they are entranced by each other. Both have been hurt in the past, so they are cautious, but there’s no denying the attraction between them. The lost locket may have been how they met, but the love between them is lasting.

I loved the idea of this story when I read the blurb, a little magical realism in an otherwise contemporary story. And though I did enjoy the MCs and their connection, I found some parts of this book a little lackluster. Peterson weaves an engaging tale, but it’s a little lacking in the details.

As I said, the MCs are lovely. Both Miles and Eli have been hurt, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. A shared love of books and being homebodies definitely works in their favor. And I thought the author did a good job of showing their instant connection. It was clear to me that they would not only fit well together, but find love. I enjoyed that aspect very much, though I wished I could see more interaction between them. Much of the story doesn’t have them on page together, or so it seemed, and when they are, the scenes are short and missing detail. I would have liked to see more conversation shown on page to really fall into them falling in love.

The whole aspect of the locket was a really nice touch. It was done well and is a lovely thought, especially for avid readers. Who among us wouldn’t want to fall into our favorite books, if only for a day? The integrity the two MCs had about that, and other things, really shone in this book, and I loved this detail and how it played throughout the story.

There was also a scene toward the end that just felt like it was too dramatic for the rest of the story. While I don’t want to spoil anything, I will say it was a bit over the top, and with the rest of the book being more slow paced and cozy, it seemed out of place. So that was a bit jarring.

Overall, this was a nice story, even if I wanted more from certain parts of it. Peterson weaves a nice tale, with MCs that endear themselves quickly, and a couple of fun side characters. But I wished for an expansion of some details to really flesh the story out. If you’re looking for a quick, sweet read, then this might be one to check out.