the god's eye audio coverStory Rating: 4.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4.25 stars

Narrator: Gary Furlong
Length: 11 hours

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Note: The God’s Eye is the third book in Anna Butler’s Lancaster’s Luck series. The books are connected stories and meant to be read in order. The second book in the trilogy, The Jackal’s House, ends with some big revelations, and this book and review contain spoilers for the end of that story. To get started with this engaging steampunk series, check out my review of the first book, The Gilded Scarab.

Following the revelations about his parentage, and the subsequent death of his half-brother, John, Rafe is now settling (albeit reluctantly) into his role as First Heir of House Stravaigor. Rafe never has wanted much to do with the Houses, or his family for that matter. But he knows that he has a duty to fulfill, particularly as so many depend on the House and its leaders for their livelihoods. With his father dying, Rafe is having to take an increased role in House business, which means that he can’t go with Ned to Egypt for this year’s dig season.

Ned has found a new dig site linked to the Egyptian god, Thoth, and he is planning to travel from Egypt to the remote Abyssinian highlands to learn more. When Ned and his team fall out of touch, Rafe can’t help but be concerned. The Gallowglass asks Rafe to help track Ned down, and Rafe doesn’t waste a moment trying to get to his lover. When they learn that the Germans have a particular interest in Ned’s dig site as well, it raises even more alarm.

Rafe manages to track Ned’s location, but the situation is even more dire than expected. The ancient pyramid holds many deadly secrets, and the group almost loses their lives before they even find Ned. The Germans are hot on their trail and appear to have dangerous intent. And they still have to figure out a way to escape the area alive. But Rafe and Ned are deeply committed to one another and are determined to do whatever it takes to make it home for a future together.

This third and final story in the Lancaster’s Luck trilogy brings everything together in a really exciting and engaging book. I have found myself enjoying each story more than the last and found this one really compelling. The story opens in the wake of the revelation that Rafe is now the First Heir to House Stravaigor. We know that Rafe has no love for the Houses, including his own, but he has also stepped up to accept his new responsibility. That doesn’t mean that he is thrilled about it, particularly as it means he has to stay home while Ned travels to Egypt. This first portion of the book does keep the men apart for a little while, but I think it is important to give some closure on Rafe’s relationship with his father, as well as develop his new role in the House.

Once Rafe heads to Egypt, things pick up with the excitement, as first he must find Ned and his missing expedition, then help navigate the various perils they face. The pyramid is holding many secrets, including a weapon that makes leaving almost impossible. Not to mention that the Germans are on their trail and they want access to all that the pyramid holds. This portion of the story has us following along as the group explores the pyramid and all the ancient secrets it hides. I found it all so interesting, as well as exciting, and there is very much a sense of adventure and exploration.

I listened to this series in audio with narrator Gary Furlong. Like with the series itself, I have myself enjoying his performance even more with each book. Furlong gives nice continuity across the books and the characters have voices that are easily distinguished from one another. He handles various accents so well and the many side characters sound seamless. I have sometimes felt throughout the books that Rafe sounded a bit too arrogant and harsh (though he would probably be the first to admit that he is, in fact, arrogant). But I think that settles down here in a way that made this one a smoother listen for me. Overall, I ended up enjoying the audiobooks and think they are a great way to read this series.

Things really come together nicely on all fronts here in this final book. The Egypt storyline resolves well, Rafe gets closure with this father and secures the future of the House, and Rafe and Ned get their happy ending together. This is a great last installment in a really entertaining series. If you enjoy steampunk stories or archeology adventures, this trilogy is definitely worth your time.