Today I am so pleased to welcome F.A. Ray to Joyfully Jay. F.A. has come to talk to us about their latest release, Mint to Be. They have also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

The moment we’re inside, I spin him around and throw him against the door. It thuds shut.

“That was loud,” he says.

“Too bad.”

I seal my mouth against his, sinking against his lips like it’s been years and not seconds since I tasted them. He’s warm against me, his soft lips parting for me when I delve greedily past them. He tastes of mint and chocolate, like that tea he brewed for us. After this, I’m not sure I’ll be able to drink anything else. 

I don’t realize Mal is undressing himself until his tie slides around the back of my neck, a silky tether pulling me even closer. That taut strip of fabric strains with Mal’s desire, a tangible reminder of all those flirty looks and crooked smiles he’s been shooting my direction since we first met.

I might not be as good at showing it, but I want him too, have wanted him since the second I found him on that sidewalk, insatiably and ceaselessly. 

“What the hell are you doing to me?” I whisper against his lips when we separate.

I don’t give him time to answer. Maybe I’m afraid of the answer; maybe I’m that eager to taste more of him. I pick at the buttons of his vest, then the shirt beneath. The moment I free him of these I peel off the undershirt beneath as well. My lips fly to all that bared skin. I have to hunch over to reach his thin chest, then sink to my knees as I keep kissing downward, savoring the warmth of him against my mouth. 

When I reach his waist, I look up. 

Mal’s eyes are glued to me, his lips softly parted around haggard breaths. I strip out of my coat, and even that much seems to thrill him. I keep watching him as I loosen his belt and trousers. He sucks down a gulp of air when I let his clothes slink to the floor. With my gaze fixed on his face, I get to revel in the shudder that runs through him when I palm over him without even looking. 

His head hits the door with a thump. He throws it so far back I can only see the underside of his chin, so I finally turn my attention downward.


mint to be coverBoyfriend Café, Book 4

I’ve given up on love by the time tall, dark and handsome sweeps me off my feet — literally.


Everyone around me is sickeningly in love. And I’m happy for my friends. I really am. But when is my turn coming? Why am I still a disposable hookup?

I’m ready to give up on love entirely by the time a bunch of drunk jocks decide to jump me on my way home from the Boyfriend Café. But before a single punch can fall he sweeps in, my dashing hero, my literal tall, dark and handsome, the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen.

Please tell me this isn’t a dream.



The second I hear a scream I run toward it without thinking. My own teammates are threatening someone, and I rush in to stop them. But the man I save is … beautiful. And funny. And smart. And he brazenly gives me his phone number right then and there.

He has no idea that he just gave his number to the most hunted man at this university.

I’m Omari Carter, a football player everyone assumes is destined for the pros. Scouts are hounding me. Coach is pushing me to decide on my future. My whole family is depending on me. But Mal doesn’t know or care about any of that.

With all the expectations weighing me down, I don’t have time for love. So why can’t I walk away from this?

Mint to Be is an opposites attract MM romance with a major size difference, a grumpy/sunshine dynamic, an athlete meeting a lovable fashion nerd and spicy open door scenes.


F.A. Ray logoF.A. Ray started writing fiction as a child and has never stopped. When they aren’t writing, they enjoy rock climbing and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where they live with their partner and cat.

Visit to find out more. You can also sign up for my Patreon, where I post WIPs, updates, bonus scenes, deleted scenes and short stories that don’t appear anywhere else.

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