Today I am so pleased to welcome Allison Temple to Joyfully Jay. Allison has come to talk to us about her latest release, Under Her Roof. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



Slowly, we emerge from our little hidey-hole. The thunder is farther away, but the staircase is still illuminated periodically by a flash of lightning. In the middle of the line, Laurel squeals, and Chris murmurs something comforting to her. My legs are surprisingly wobbly as I climb. Amanda is behind me. Closer than I want, but not so close I can whirl and tell her to fuck off. We’re all on edge. I’ve been through summer storms before, but never something like that. Understandable that I might be jumpy, but that doesn’t mean I can take it out on Amanda or anyone else.

“I think a window is broken,” someone says.

“Why is the floor all wet?”

“What about the kitchen staff?”

“Is the power out everywhere?”

“Does anyone else have a cell signal?”

The questions, born of adrenaline and anxiety, tumble out as I reach the top of the stairs. It’s still raining, but more in an everyday way, less in a biblical way, and yes, there is definitely a broken—or at least open—window close by, because the floor is slick with—

I scream.

“What? What?”

Heads swivel toward me, and so do a bunch of LED phone flashlights. They don’t throw much light, at least not until the others rush toward me, at which point it becomes very clear that the puddle I’m standing in is not water. It’s too thick. Too dark.

The blood on my soles is unmistakable, as is the trail it’s left on the floor. Wordlessly, the lights follow it, tracing the path until . . .

The body is in the corner of the room, like he’s dragged himself there before there was too much blood on the floor and not enough left in him to keep going.

“What’s going on? Why the screaming?” Sloan is still coming up the stairs, and ridiculously, I put my finger to my lips and shush her. Not that it matters. The body can’t hear her.

Vincent is never going to hear anything again.


My name is Gillian and I have three problems:

A fallen tree through the roof of my family’s remote island cottage.
A sister trying to sell said cottage out from under me.
A dead body in the living room. Sadly, it’s not my sister’s.

Actually, make that four problems: my ex, Amanda, just showed up uninvited. Apparently, she’s a spy, undercover to investigate the luxury wine auction hosted by my conniving sister.

We’ve got no connection to the mainland and a murderer on the island, so tonight Amanda and I have three missions:

Find the killer
Stay alive
Escape by sunrise

Actually, make that four missions: Do not fall in love, because apparently Amanda and I are far from over.

Under Her Roof is part of the Accidentally Undercover shared LGBTQ+ romantic suspense series.

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Allison lives in Toronto with her very patient husband and the world’s cutest team of rescue pets. She tries to split her time between writing, exploring Toronto’s parks, and traveling anywhere that has good wine. Tragically, this leaves no time to clean the house.