Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel


Finn Lassiter has hit rock bottom. He has no pack, no friends, no roof over his head, and barely five bucks to his name. He knows he’s going to have to give in and ask his cousin, Tanner, for help. But after the way Finn treated Tanner in the past, he knows Tanner has no obligation to help him. Finn doesn’t deserve it anyway. But before he grovels at his cousin’s feet, he makes one last stop at Nectar and Ambrosia to see the object of his affection and owner of the shop, Gany.

Ganymede is finally free of Zeus and the Olympians, and he’s used his restitution to start up his café, hoping that he’ll finally find happiness. And he’s well on his way. Finn’s daily visits are a bright spot in his life, so when Finn confesses the state he’s in, Gany doesn’t hesitate to offer help. But he has to hide his true identity, and that of the gods sniffing around.

Finn is keeping his own secrets, knowing that he can’t reveal his true nature to a human. But the closer the two get, the more their lives are entwined. The connection between them runs deep, despite how quick it is, and when things start going even more awry, the secrets on both sides come spilling out. Fortunately for Finn and Gany, that only serves to bring them closer, now that they can be open about their true selves, and it sets them on their path to an HEA.

This book is a crossover between the E.J. Russell’s Mythmatched Universe and Purgatory Playhouse series. While I’ve read all of the Mythmatched books, I haven’t had a chance to read the other series yet, but I didn’t find that much of a detriment to understanding the story. Russell gives enough background that readers won’t be lost if they haven’t read both. Or really, either. I will say, though, that having read at least the Mythmatched books gave me a deeper understanding of the story, and I’m sure if I had read the other series as well, that would be even more true. This book tipped a little more into the Mythmatched world, as there are a ton of cameos from that series, and only a few from Purgatory Playhouse. But again, you don’t have to have read either in order to enjoy this story.

I really liked the way the author danced around all the secrets both MCs had to keep, and how it worked in favor of the story. It skirted a line of being too much, but never went over, and all in all, it really worked. I thoroughly enjoyed both MCs, and really seeing Finn get not only his redemption arc, but also a wonderful partner in Gany. For his part, I really loved Gany’s backbone, and the way he stood up to the gods. He just wants his happiness, and he is fighting to get it.

The connection between the MCs is strong from the start, and definitely has an edge of insta-love. But it works for this world, and I really liked the way they worked together. They both needed something the other could give. Finn needed support and understanding and someone to just believe in him, which Gany does without hesitation. Gany is strong on his own, but he definitely feels safer with a protector, which Finn is simply by his nature. On top of that, Finn is understanding about Gany’s past and how he needs to go slowly on the physical side of things.

All in all, I thought this was a fun addition to the universe, and it reminded me yet again that I want to dive into the Purgatory Playhouse series. Russell has a way of injecting levity and fun into a book, while also hitting some heavier points. The banter is amusing and the characters are well drawn. I can definitely say give this book a try.