Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novel


From the moment Jayce saw Clay, he knew his face, since it was the face that Jayce had been dreaming about all of his life. Sometimes the dreams were sweet and other times violent, as Clay was trying to kill Jayce. But Jayce knows that Clay has now put himself in a dangerous position and Jayce’s only reaction is to save Clay and keep Clay safe, no matter the cost. Clay’s mission is to find Jayce’s dangerous father and kill him. The men might have to put everything on the line, but as soulmates, they will always find a way. And in this life, they are determined to be together.

Beyond Fate is book 1.5 in the Beyond series and follows Beyond Time. The books should be read in order, as both characters and their intricate story are introduced in the first book. This book is set in the future in the next lives of the characters and the author stated that this book could be interpreted as an alternate universe.

When the book opens, Jayce is working as a mechanic. But what his superiors don’t know is that Jayce is the son of the mafia boss they all work for. Jayce was taken in by the boss when he was a child and Jayce has never had a choice about the direction of his life. Now that he has Clay in real life and not only in his dreams, Jayce is forced to make changes, but every step is dangerous and life threatening.

Clay doesn’t recognize Jayce the same way immediately, but he knows there is something about Jayce that he needs to pay attention to. The men have both had difficult lives—it seems every life is difficult for them—but when they find each other, their lives are that much better, although that much more complicated.

The relationship aspect of the book is electric, as Clay and Jayce are end goals and all goals. Nothing else ever feels right in their lives, since they are soulmates in every life, and the author does a great job with their intimate and private moments. The larger storyline of Clay being a government asset and Jayce being raised by a mafia boss didn’t come together as well for me and I did find myself at times wishing they were in a better story plot-wise. I also found myself wondering if they ever thought of Kade and Seth and I would have liked there to be more continuity to the earlier story instead of this being set in an alternate universe.

Jayce and Clay were such an integral part of the first book and it was reader demand that prompted the author to write their story. This is a must read if you have read the first book and a great addition to the series, as Jayce and Clay find each other again.